On this day, three years ago, we begun principal photography on an independent film called “Payne & Redemption”. One thousand and ninety-one days later, and we’re still trying to finish it.

Welcome, my loyal comrades, to the new Payne & Redemption website!

Things have changed quite a bit around here…

We’ve moved servers and re-vamped the website, making it more user-friendly, accessible, and more informative. You can now navigate around the site by using the menu above, and gain access to the information you want without having an aneurysm in the process. I haven’t decided whether or not I will be importing the posts and comments from the old blog yet, nor if I will be bringing the forums back, but for now, you can access all of the old blog posts here.

Also, we are now accepting donations towards the completion of this project. There is no time limit this time, and no ridiculous sums being asked… But there IS a little somethin’ for each donation you contribute. Please read Producer Luke Morgan-Rowe’s post on this particular topic here.

OK, now the information you actually WANT to hear about. The film…

Back in 2006, we shot the end to Payne & Redemption, spare a few pick-ups and special effects shots. The very rough cut we spliced together clocked in at around 18 minutes long. Now we need to shoot the beginning, the middle, and clean up the end.

The goal? To utilize the footage we already have, and incorporate it into a 60 minute film… Or longer, if that’s what the story requires.

Fighting through my writer’s block, I am slowly, but surely, fleshing out a scaffolding of scenes, from three years worth of notes and unwritten ideas, that lead up to the already-shot grande finale. How long this process will take, I can’t say, but when I’m done, we can finally work towards getting this ball rolling and through the finish-line once and for all.

In the meantime, in true P&R fashion, we will be organizing, executing and releasing various forms of media to whet your appetites in the run-up to the rest of the film’s production.

This is a new beginning.

Stay frosty,

Fergle “Oh my God, it’s him!” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

11 Responses to “Welcome to the new site!…”

  • The_Jester:

    Hey, man i just wanna point out, and i know that must be pretty clear for you but still.. We, true fans of MP really want to see this film. Just know there are A LOT of people cheering for you. Get it done.

  • SpiderX:

    well can’t say I’m happy the forum is dead… I use to have a few more laugh reading some old posts… but I guess all this change means the project is still breathing so that’s good.

  • Just dropped an email to Luke. We’ll be happy to help out in any way we can. Good luck!


  • Diego:

    Hello my name is Diego Sheen. i’m from Peru and i hope you get to read this message:

    for more than 2 years i am waiting for your independent film to appear, i must admit that in my country (specially in the city that i live) it is hard to be aware of the latest news of this, many people have tried to confuse me but anyway i DID NOT go to the cinema and i never watched the fox movie, several persons have told me that it is really bad anyway… please i want to know when is your movie going to appear and in what way will it be possible to see it, i am aware of the closedown that fox made to your movie..i am aware that the production was back about a year ago…but it is very difficult for me to keep in touch..please respond to me when you can..and i am sorry to bother you..
    also i want to let you know i am a huge max payne fan i have records and prizes for playing it in contests in peru, and i am eager to watch this movie… i will not support fox, i want to see yours…

    sincerely…Diego Sheen

  • Dinei:

    Great! We hope to be updated weekly!

  • My best wishes are with you !!
    Having being appreciated & supported my Mr. Sam, There are no doubts in me that this movie would be a thousand times better than Fox’s crap.
    Another thing is that i’d like to appreciate the website upgrades made to your website ….
    If in case you are in need of any assistance of any kind of graphics or website editing, do drop me an e-mail on facebook without hesitation & consider me your ‘free’lancer !!

  • I think if you real like Payne & Redemption you must donate, i wait for this movie every day from 2006, i must donate also, but right now have BIG problem with the money… But this is only my opininion guys… I don’t have a chance to donate 🙁

  • Great news… 🙂

  • Don:

    I’m glad to hear this good news! I wish the best of luck to this project because I personally didn’t like the Fox film.

  • Walking Shadow:

    Glad to see this project is not dead, cant wait to see what comes from here….

  • TheBearPaw:

    Cool, I hope all will go well and you guys will manage to resurrect this film. Good luck!

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