Just received word from Clive @ Fancinematoday.com that Payne & Redemption was mentioned in the London Times last week, although not by name.

Click here to view the article.

Irritating to think that some people still believe Payne & Redemption was shut down.

We’ll show ’em.

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

12 Responses to “Payne & Redemption mentioned in the London Times…”

  • Must say its a impressive information for me. My Enlish is bad, I From Spain .I have Send this link to my friend also webpage
    Payne & Redemption mentioned in the London Times…

  • noone:

    I think anyone who’s played the game and seen the Hollywood film about Max could see that their plot is crap and the atmosphere sucks. And, besides, Mark Wahlberg is nothing like Max Payne.
    Now the only hope left for us is you and your film.
    P.S.: Fox is just afraid, that they’ll be called losers if you’ll do better then they did.(though for me they are already)

  • Finish the movie, please! I’m tellin’ you!

  • I believe that u can do this!! I mean finish the film, and i’m looking forward to watch it soon. By the way, how much u’ve done already? Is it more than 50%? I hope that course i’ve seen all teasers and trailers thats why i can say-it will be amazing!! Much more better then 20th fox movie which isn’t a Max Payne story… It’s only one of the huge amount routine films.

  • Cicero:

    I really hope you guys pull this off! I’m so psyched about this film.

  • Kevin:

    Me again Fergle, just want to reach out and let you know what an inspiration your spirit and drive is to our team down here. We’re in a similar situation where our movie is taking longer than expected to be completed, but watching your positive attitude through all the challenges you face with your project is really a gem of encouragement.

    Keep up the good work, man. God will see you through and ensure that your movie will be a gleaming success. Just keep Him to the head of everything, and don’t forget Him when your success scrapes the sky.

  • Bushinator:

    I am so glad that you’re still alive. I first thought that the Max Payne movie with Mark Wahlberg was your movie. I mean, I thought the movies was ok (the super slowmotion scenes was awesome!), but the story was bad. It was like an alternate story to the first Max Payne game, and it wasn’t that good. I would love to see a REAL Max Payne movie made by you. Good luck making it! 😀

  • Alex:

    Yeah, fan films, and short films in general, have certainly become a rising force. Even though i am not a particularly huge fan of the HD-DV format, i find remedy in its practical way of helping out underground film-makers. Easier usage; lower costs, and just a format that helps to keep the independence.

    It´s a shame that the corporate fascists FOX, bought the rights in the first place; squeezed some bucks out of it, and jammed the situation for anyone with real talent, and great vision out there. More of a shame that the film made pretty well, despite it being a short-term profit.

    The official MP film i must say, is one of the worst pieces of BS ever created since the existence of cinema.

    So, keep fighting with your project! You´ll get there.

  • Loderunner:

    They’ve been at this for like 3 years. I’m starting to lose faith.

  • TheHullu:

    I have followed your site about a year now and I really hope that you can finish the film. I know that here in Finland are many people who would watch this only because it’s Payne who was created here in our cold country and most of all this movie WILL beat the sh*t out of that rubbish 20th Century Fox movie.

    Keep up the good work!

    And sorry my not so perfect english skills 😀

  • Ill be duk right now…

  • xsamx1987:

    looks like they should get thats facts straight no one can stop max payne ahhhhhhhh 🙂

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