Hey guys,

Sorry it’s been quiet around here as of late. Been working on a few other projects, taking care of family, and preparing for Christmas.

I’m organizing a new photoshoot for Payne & Redemption in the first quarter of the new year. It’ll be unlike anything we’ve released so far, and I’ll be in complete charge of the operation, so I’m quite looking forward to that.

My good friend, Ben Dean, from visualfizzle.com, and I (emphasis on “I”), will be doing all the work this time, employing Guerilla tactics throughout the shoot. I will be setting up the shots, lighting them, directing the actors and taking the photos… and Ben will be loitering about, being told what to do, maybe moving the odd light or two.

If any of you are wondering why we’re doing this photoshoot as opposed to working on the actual film, it’s for a couple of reasons. One, the photoshoot is not costing me or anyone else anything. Two, the world needs to know we’re still here. And three, I want to give something back to the community to thank you for your continued loyal support over the course of this rather rocky production. So, okay, that’s three reasons, but whatever. It’s the least I can do until we can get this film underway.

Original cast members, Nigel Billing, Kylie Cushman and John Mangan are all confirmed and can’t wait to slip back into their roles from Payne & Redemption, even if it’s just for a day’s photoshoot. All other actors will be cast after I have completed the first draft of the new script, then further photoshoots with those additional actors will follow.

It may seem like nothing much is happening at the moment, but I can assure you that plenty is being thought about and considered. That, alone, takes up most of the time.

Stay frosty,

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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