‘Sup, mah peoples.

Just wanted to publicly thank the administrator of the Poets of the Fall forum, “POFT_Admin”, who has very kindly made our donations post a sticky on their forums. Guys, if there’s anything we can do in return, just let us know!

I am very much looking forward to the Poets’ fourth album, but must shamefully confess that I only own “Signs of Life” and “Carnival of Rust” at this present time. That WILL change soon, though!

Who else is really stoked to hear about the involvement of Poets of the Fall with Remedy’s new videogame Alan Wake? I see a slight trend developing here! You know what would also be *extremely* cool? If the Poets were somehow involved with P&R, too… Hrm…

Hasta luego,

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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