So, it’s 2010, and within the turmoil that is “life”, I am slowly, but surely, getting everything organized for the new photoshoot, which I *hope* will take place some time before May.

Amongst the usual organizational factors, I’m currently waiting on the arrival of some photographic equipment that I’m hoping to use on the ‘shoot, should it get to me in time. I’ll also be reviewing this equipment on as soon as I have a moment.

While we anxiously chew off our fingernails in anticipation for the various pieces of the puzzle to slot into place, I thought this would be a good opportunity to let YOU guys, our fans, interact with the production, and tell me what photos YOU want to see…

In the comments section below, pick a character or characters from the cast list, choose the setting, then tell me the situation… You may very well see your idea in the upcoming media release!

So, gets ta thinkin’, and let’s hear ’em!

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

15 Responses to “Be a part of the upcoming photoshoot…”

  • Bobby:

    I cannot wait for this movie! Hopefully you will do better then freakin mark walberg! Thats was so terrible. The fact that was supposed to be a max payne movie almost made me puke. It was nothing like the game!

  • John Thomsen:

    There’s something about the noir films: night time, shadows or rain that just draw me in. That’s what I liked about the first game. Especially showing Max on the rooftop saying, “They were dead. All of them.” And then panning up to him dressed in a black leather coat, standing on the edge, holding an M 16. Just awesome.

  • ProzacJak:

    Is that a ‘no’ to my idea then? 😛

  • davuvnik:

    Character: The Detective

    Setting: Snowfall middle of the street at night

    Situation: Walking Towards Darkness

    A Camera Shooting The Detective from bottom down in the middle of the street, a big snow footprint right in your face and with a view towards the horizon, the street empty and maybe some car in flames, but far away the light vanishes towards darkness
    Where do i get those awsome shoes?? 😛 any brand or home made? 😛
    Cheers from Mexico City

  • JACK:

    I really liked Max Payne 2’s Film Noir themes, so maybe some film noir type shots focusing on The Detective.

  • Character: The Detective
    Setting:Any dark places
    The detective’s on the left side of the image hiding behind an obstacle, just turned back to react and his jacket started swinging, his hand is visible holding a gun preparing to fire while to the far side there are thugs firing their weapons towards the detective.

    With flares/dust burst from the object the detective was hiding behind indicates the bullets from the thugs hit the object, plus a cinematic editing with image software,that will be quite cool. A little motion blur to the detective’s arm would be nice.

    Thank you. Keep it up.
    Greetings from Malaysia.

  • Walking Shadow:

    Personally, i just want to see the detective put a cigarette out in some poor basterds eye….after he interrogates him, of course…

    setting: dark warehouse with a lot of dead bodies around

  • Dinei Brazil:

    I would like to see The Detective Jumping to the side, in Bulhet Time and Bullets happening around him.

  • L.R.:

    I’ve been very impressed – and, I guess, also inspired – by your movie project since the very first time I entered the site. Now, seeing that you take your next step towards completion, I appreciate the chance to contribute in such a direct way.

    Character: The Detective & Det. Jessica Logan

    Setting: An abandoned warehouse, bistro or railway car wreckage

    What we see:

    Shot trough a central long corridor with a line of windows at least on one side. We see the detective, obviously hurt and half-unconscious, clasping his bleeding chest with one hand still holding his 92 FS. Besides him is Det. Jessica Logan, carrying a more square-edged type of weapon (a SIG P220 or something similar), with her free arm slung around the Detective’s shoulders, dragging him with her. The still shows both of them in the very moment while they dive for cover through a door frame (e.g. out of the train wreck), while enemy bullets shatter the windows mentioned above behind them.

  • Character: The Detective
    setting: Night and rain, new york
    weapon: beretta 92
    Situation: The Detective is in new york city, standing on the Manhattan brigde, and analyze his mind, think about long line of traumatic incidents that have occured in his recent life. The Detective is speaking about his true feelings and use the metaphor. The Detective is telling his side of the story, from his point of view (what he sees of the situation)

  • Gonzalo:

    Congrats for your work and let me say that i support you people , im from argentina bi the way =). Well my ideas well be The Detective in his apartment sitting in his couch covering his eyes with his hand and in the coffee table there is a pack of painkillers without the top and two painkiller pills in the table and in the back there is the city and it will be goood a rain or some snow . i hope you aprecciate my idea and im very very very sorry about my english because i don’t know how to talk so well .

    See ya and greetings from argentina.

  • Sebastian "Modz":

    First I want to say that I support you and wish the best success for this project. Very excited to see such dedication to such a brilliant character and story. I am glad and grateful for being able to contribute.

    Idea #1:

    Characters: The Detective & Detective Jessica Logan

    Setting: Police Department Office during a dark night, around 11:00 PM. A few desk lamps are turned on just for enough luminosity to see the medium sized office. The office is empty besides the two Detectives. You can see other desks in the background.

    Situation: A centered shot of The Detective and Jessica Logan staring at each other, each at opposite sides of an office desk, with both characters right hands placed on a Beretta 92FS. This also happens to be Payne’s desk as you can see a picture of his wife, in the far corner of the desk, with a few painkillers lying near the photo. Or instead of painkillers, possibly bullets.

    Idea #2

    Character: The Detective

    Setting: Past midnight, roughly 12:30 AM, in a dark filthy alley where it has just stopped raining.

    Situation: The Detective is strolling through the alley with a 12 Gauge Shotgun over his right shoulder. He has some cuts on his forehead. He then notices two thieves, about 20 yards ahead, with knifes. The shot can be the thieves gradually turning around to look at him as the Detective stands there with the shotgun over his shoulder with a nonchalant expression on his face.

  • Joe:

    One of the few things I liked from the official Max Payne film was a shot near the end of a gun covered in snow being fired. Though I suppose that would be difficult to shoot.

    The detective sitting in a chair in the dark with a gun, with the headlights of a car pointed at him? Shot in silhouette, or with him facing the car.

    The detective and Jessica – I don’t know if she’s a love interest – standing an inch apart, facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes, while the detective points his gun over her shoulder at Doc Clarence.

  • ProzacJak:

    Why don’t you let US, the fans, be apart of the photo shoot e.g extras in the background of a busy street or train station scene?

  • HarshVardhan Shukla:

    Character:The Detective

    Setting:Clear Night,no rain,no snowfall.

    Situation:(Pick any one)

    1)A train is coming towards The Detective,and he jumps sideways just in the nick of time.At that moment he is shown shooting the thugs which are attacking him through the window of the engine.So the photo still would be him diving in the air shooting the thugs.

    2)He is shooting the thugs with an Ingram in one hand and a Desert Eagle in the other while running from them.

    Thank You

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