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Ben Dean, from, and I, recently tested out a new piece of equipment, called the Kessler Crane Pocket Jib, for, amongst other projects, the up and coming P&R photoshoot. Why did we test out a piece of equipment that would normally be used in motion picuture projects for the P&R photoshoot, I hear you ask? Well, maybe we’re not just shooting stills! Ever think about that? Oooh…

Anyway, we brought in the legendary Antonio Geezahrelli (who had previously worked behind the scenes on P&R back in ’06), and got him to wear Nigel Billing’s wardrobe, despite complaints of the shoes being too small. You can read my review on the Pocket Jib here. And for all you camera geeks out there, this clip, that you’re about to see, was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II, using a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM lens, on a Kessler Crane Pocket Jib.

Oh, and the idiot you hear laughing in the background of the video is Ben. He has problems controlling himself, but we usually keep him locked away.


Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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