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OK, so it’s only been 134 days since I last posted here…

If you’ve been following the Payne & Redemption fanpage on Facebook, you’ll know I’ve just started a fundraising pitch at, in an attempt to raise enough funds to transfer the tapes we originally shot on in ’06, to hard-drive. This is so that I can personally access the film’s RAW HD footage (which I have not yet been able to do) and edit together a concept music video for pitching to various record companies… One, of which, is already mildly interested with the idea.

I’ve officially stopped accepting funds through our “Donate” page, but everyone who has already donated will still, of course, receive their righfully earned titles in the credits. To anyone else who wants to donate to P&R and help clear the first, major hurdle, please go here. Also, don’t forget to tell ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE YOU KNOW about this campaign – The more people hear about it, the more chance it has of being a success.

Let’s get these tapes transferred, guys. We need to move on, move forward, and get Payne & Redemption RELEASED!

Only YOU will make that possible.

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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