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The long awaited trailer to Rockstar’s Max Payne 3, the sequel to Remedy’s highly acclaimed Max Payne videogames, is now available to download in 720p and lower resolutions here…

If you guys are having any problems downloading it at Rockstar’s website, we’ve uploaded the 720p version to our servers. You can check that out here…

Max Payne 3 Trailer hosted @

So what are everyone’s thoughts so far? Do you feel this is a worthy installment to the Max Payne franchise, or just another cash-in? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

My first impressions of the trailer?

* The rendition of the Max Payne theme used in the trailer seems very alien in a Brazilian setting.

* The overall tone of the elements within the trailer don’t convey the “Max Payne” atmosphere.

* The dialogue comes across as soulless, lazy and overly clichéd. Plus, since when did Max use double negatives? “I ain’t a cop no more”.

* And the story, at this time, doesn’t appear to have anything directly connecting it to the previous videogames, or even to Max Payne, apart from the man himself.

* Also, from a videogame standpoint, for this day and age, the graphics look terrible.

But saying that, I do have faith in Rockstar, and will reserve judgement until I have played the game.

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