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Today marks the day of Payne & Redemption’s FOURTH trailer, and third fundraising campaign to help take this film one step towards the finishing line.

Gone is the idea to turn this project into a music video. Now, Payne & Redemption will be a FEATURE LENGTH FILM, and here’s how it’s going to work…

I’m currently writing a film treatment for Payne & Redemption, which serves as the scaffolding for the film’s feature length screenplay. From that, I’m going to select a handful of scenes to churn into a short, promotional film, using the footage we shot back in ’06, with a projected runtime of 45 minutes. This promotional film will be used to seek funding for the feature length production, or to attract the interest of potential movie studios. Also, it will be released online, to you guys, in high-definition. So, in the event that we aren’t able to raise the required funds for the feature length film, or no movie studios are interested, YOU guys will still have something for your patience and loyalty towards Payne & Redemption.

Before we get to that point, one of the steps we must take is to transfer the master tapes containing the footage we shot in ’06 to hard-drive, so that I can access that footage on my PC in its original, RAW, 1080p format, and use it to support the remainder of this film’s architecture.

That is what this particular fundraising campaign is for, and this is where I once again need to recruit YOUR help…

Oh, and did I mention something about a new trailer? Check out the link above. 😉

UPDATE – Anyone who donated to the last IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, is entitled to a higher perk if they donate again. For example, if you donated $50 last time, you will receive the $100 perk if you donate another $50 this time.

Fergle “The Tank” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

For immediate release:


Luke Morgan-Rowe, who co-produced Payne & Redemption with Writer, Director & Executive Producer Fergle Gibson since its inception, has officially stepped down from his role as Producer for the remainder of the film’s production, as his medical career no longer offers him the flexibility required to dedicate to the project. For those who don’t know, Luke is a London based Doctor, whose job is very time consuming and is often accompanied by an unpredictable schedule. Luke Morgan-Rowe’s successor will be annouced at a later date.

Payne & Redemption will not suffer any set-backs as a result of this alteration.

And in other news, I’ve an exciting new annoucement for you guys very soon, so stay frosty.

Fergle “Who else but me?” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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