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Luke Morgan-Rowe, who co-produced Payne & Redemption with Writer, Director & Executive Producer Fergle Gibson since its inception, has officially stepped down from his role as Producer for the remainder of the film’s production, as his medical career no longer offers him the flexibility required to dedicate to the project. For those who don’t know, Luke is a London based Doctor, whose job is very time consuming and is often accompanied by an unpredictable schedule. Luke Morgan-Rowe’s successor will be annouced at a later date.

Payne & Redemption will not suffer any set-backs as a result of this alteration.

And in other news, I’ve an exciting new annoucement for you guys very soon, so stay frosty.

Fergle “Who else but me?” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

5 Responses to “Luke Morgan-Rowe steps down from his role as Producer…”

  • Hey Chris – Payne & Redemption will be released when it’s done. Whenever that is, I can’t say for now. Its release depends on clearing a lot of hurdles, the biggest one being finance. Once I can accrue the appropriate funds to finance the transfer of the HDCAM SR tapes, as well as the 45 minute promo film detailed here, I can then start pushing this project forward towards the finishing line. If you’d like to help, feel free to make a donation towards the next fundraising campaign when it goes live.

    – F

  • chris tha man:

    is this movie actually gonna happen or is this like a 10 year joke on max payne fans

  • I really admire the dedication you have put into making this film, I myself am a young writer/director who is trying to produce a 30 minute short film. I had to do re-casting and was struggling with getting £2.5k but I think I found a way. My projet was in development hell for almost a year now and things are looking up. Keep going.

  • Dinei OK:

    Soon released another trailer? I’m anxious for it!

    And you won a competition called: Max Payne Defrayal

  • Søren Andersen:

    Sad new, bye Luke, hope you to well.

    Hope to hear more from Payne and Redemption soon…good news that is. 🙂

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