For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, or Facebook, I am currently reviewing a fantastic little electronic viewfinder / monitoring solution, made by North Carolina based company SmallHD, called the DP4-EVF. I plan to use the DP4-EVF on Payne & Redemption — alongside a RED Scarlet-X — to help maintain critical focus throughout the production.

Here is a 720p screencap from one of the tests I’m doing for my review, of a rather familiar looking character, enacted (for this purpose) by the one and only Antonio Geezahrelli…

Click the image to view in 1280×720.

Ant also portrayed this eccentrically dressed individual in a test I shot for my review on the Kessler Crane Pocket Jib a couple years back, which you can view here. In case any of you were wondering, Ant will not be replacing Nigel Billing’s role in Payne & Redemption, despite Patrick Streutjens (Cypress) from Payne Reactor trying to persuade me. Sorry, dude!

Fergle “That Max Payne Guy” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

2 Responses to “SmallHD and Payne & Redemption…”

  • Heh, that’s okay Fergle 😛 Nice touch!

  • Sid:

    Years passed Actors are getting old, you’ll use all the material of the year 2006 or will remake the film? I follow you since 2008 and still hope to see this movie.

    A Brazilian Fan

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