Although a ways until completion, I’m proud to announce that Payne & Redemption is now featured on, under the “Shot on RED” category of RED Digital Cinema’s website.

I feel extremely honoured to be part of the RED revolution and for Payne & Redemption to be included in their filmography, amongst many of Hollywood’s top billing titles as well as successful independent ventures.

Oh, and speaking of RED, we’re actually ditching our RED Scarlet camera and going with the Epic-MX. That’s right, boys and girls — We’re joining the big leagues. Payne & Redemption will be shot on RED’s elite, and nothing less. OK, so it’s not quite the newly announced Epic Dragon, but if it’s good enough for Peter Jackson, it’s good enough for me! I just won’t be shooting it at 48fps, with a shutter speed of 1/96th of a second. Love ya, Pete!

I know a lot of you are thinking that all it sounds like these days is “we need this, we need that; I’ve got this, I’ve got that”, but these are the steps we need to take to go the distance — these are the battles we need to fight to get to where we want this project to go. This isn’t some YouTube video shot with a bunch of friends on an iPhone or a DSLR, and I’m not dissing those films that are. But you have to remember, Payne & Redemption is a professional grade motion picture with professional — as well as amateur — cast and crew, and as a result, needs to be approached in the same way professional films are. We’re just doing it on a much, MUCH lower budget, and because of this, have to endure the many associated pitfalls.

We’ve come a long way since 2006, when we knew relatively nothing about the film industry or film-making, and during this time, we have made many mistakes. But we have always learned from those mistakes, pushed forward, and made sure we’ve come out on top. Any time we’ve been backed into a corner, we have stood tall and fought for what we believe in, and will continue to do this until we no longer need to.

Sure, it’s been quiet on the P&R front over the past 5 months, but plenty of work is afoot behind the scenes; including the writing and re-writing of treatments, test footage planning, location scouting, prop gathering, and much more, all of which costs time and money, and neither of which I have much of to put into a project that isn’t currently generating a return, so things have to be tackled as and when.

Perhaps one of the more important aspects many people neglect to recognize is “LIVING”, as without that single element, there would be no production at all. So, occasionally, Payne & Redemption has to be put on the backburner in order to allow me to concentrate on other aspects of my life, but by no means is it ever overlooked or forgotten. The enthusiasm and inspiration is and always will be there — we just have to find the right time(s) to apply it.

Big things come from humble beginnings.

Fergle Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

11 Responses to “Featured on, ditching Scarlet to go EPIC, and where we are now…”

  • Ash:

    Hey Fergle, any news for us? Was just listening to the Eagles and New York Minute came on. Got me thinking about P&R. Any news you can give us would be great, I’ve been following this project since before I was old enough to drink, I’m 25 now. Anything you can tell us would be great. Anything at all. I hope you’re well.

    Best Wishes

  • Jace7:

    yes fergle do the kickstart, you need to finish payne and redemption!

  • Vladimir:

    AAAAAAAAAaaaaa. Anybody! Give news for us.

  • PayneIsGain:

    Update needed!

  • Stanislav:

    Any news on the project? Almost a year passed since the last update.

  • Vladimir:

    its time to kickstarter!

  • Gianluca:

    As nick said, go on kickstarter, I’m sure it will be a big hit over there. look forward to hearing more

  • JayZak — We don’t have any funding, but we still plan on using the Scarlet for whatever is required, right up until the date we obtain an Epic.

    Michael — Huge thanks for your undying support, dude! It has been, and will be, a long ride, but it will be worth it.

    Nick — You can check out my thoughts on Kickstarter here…

    – F

  • Nick:

    Hey guys! Why don’t you get a support from ?

  • Michael Pooler:

    I was overjoyed to get an update on the project. I have been a loyal follower and supporter for many years. I am absolutely ecstatic to get to follow you guys through the planning and production ofthis movie. And I know that when it’s complete due to the love andevotion you all have invested I to this that it will be amazing. I hope you all the best. Thanks for the update.

  • JayZak:

    So what happened with the Scarlet, which was so hard to fight for, and suddenly you switch to another? I suppose you have got some good funding now 🙂

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