OK, guys. Some new announcements.

1) The lead character in PAYNE & REDEMPTION will be called “RAY CANDELLA”. This is both for LEGAL REASONS, and because PAYNE & REDEMPTION is MY OWN Intellectual Property.


If you, as the audience, wish to interchange him with MAX PAYNE, you can, as both MAX PAYNE and RAY CANDELLA are inspired by similar, pre-existing, fictional characters, such as SAM SPADE, PHILIP MARLOWE, etc, and therefore will inevitably share similarities. The title of the film, however, WILL REMAIN, as a tip of the hat to the franchise that inspired it, and the story — which has always been original — will still fit nicely within the MAX PAYNE UNIVERSE, if you wanted it to, and can stand on its own two feet if you don’t.

2) I am in talks with SONY to provide me with the LICENSING RIGHTS to use a specific song, by a specific band, for the END TITLE SEQUENCE to PAYNE & REDEMPTION. I will be funding this out of my own pocket.

3) I am in talks with JAMES MCCAFFREY’S AGENT, to get Mr. McCaffrey on board to provide the VOICE for RAY CANDELLA. Mr. McCaffrey’s agent has already signed a Non Disclosure Agreement, and Mr. McCaffrey HIMSELF has read the script. Once the rest of the film has completed PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY and we have an OFFLINE EDIT, I will be negotiating the money offer with Mr. McCaffrey’s Agent. This will be funded EXTERNALLY, either via a FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN, or a COMBINATION of sources, which will be announced with plenty of NEW FOOTAGE; and most probably a NEW TRAILER.

That’s it for now, folks.

As always, if I have anything concrete to announce, I will. Otherwise…

Stay frosty.

Discuss below or on the Payne & Redemption Facebook Page.

Fergle Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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