Payne & Redemption is a British-made independent film, written and directed by Fergle Gibson, an engaging new talent in the mould of David Fincher, Thomas Schlamme & Quentin Tarantino. Its story is inspired by the works of Finnish writer, Sam Lake, who wrote the script for the critically acclaimed Max Payne and Max Payne 2 videogames, and who is in full support of Payne & Redemption.

“Payne & Redemption seems very ambitious and impressive. Good luck with your project! Looking forward to seeing it.” – Sam Lake

Since the project’s announcement in 2005, Payne & Redemption has gathered a staggering amount of publicity from all over the world, featuring in distinguished magazines, being at the frontline of discussion on many websites, and attracting the attention of 20th Century Fox, who perceived the film as such a threat to their own production, that they threatened Fergle Gibson with high-profile legal action if he didn’t shut his project down. Despite this, Payne & Redemption’s notoriety has continued to expand, and the production is now back in full swing… albeit under a slightly different name.

By the end of 2008, the website to Payne & Redemption received over 84 MILLION UNIQUE HITS in that year alone, making the viewing statistics of 2008 greater than the entire population of the United Kingdom! With its relaunch in October 2009, the Producers hope the project’s popularity will continue to rise throughout the rest of its production, and long after it is completed and released… whenever that may be.

The story of “Payne & Redemption” surrounds the psychological trauma endured by the film’s main character, a weathered New York Detective, and his journey to seek redemption, after having to deal with a long line of traumatic incidents that have occurred in his recent life.

Release date: WHEN IT’S DONE

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