Luke Morgan-Rowe / Producer

Luke was born in Sussex, and attended The Hawthorns School in Bletchingley and Reed’s School in Cobham. At the time of writing, he is currently a doctor in a top London teaching hospital.

Films have always played an important part in Luke’s life & development. He attributes many of his morals and ethics to various characters he admires (although refuses to say who), in particular a certain bald-headed man who’s leadership skills Luke hopes to emulate whilst producing this film. A natural leader and organiser, Luke slipped into the role of Producer, mainly to help out long-time friend Fergle Gibson (writer & director of Payne & Redemption) and although he maintains that film producing is not his career of choice, many of the qualities he has thus far learnt as a physician have translated effectively into this arena. These include the ability to stay calm under pressure and make decisions swiftly and authoritatively. He is stubbornly punctual, loyal and refuses to do anything ‘cheaply’, often labelled as ‘extravagant’, for example providing the cast & crew at the recent photoshoots with luxurious lunches & drinks whilst working, much to the pleasure of the aforementioned, but to the chagrin of the film’s accountant.

Luke’s main hobbies include supporting Arsenal football team, and regularly attending the gym where he has been trying, but failing, to lose weight for over 5 years now.

In the future, Luke hopes to become an Interventional Radiologist, as well as keeping his foray into the world of film making alive and well.

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