This latest fundraising campaign is again to raise the funds for transferring the HDCAM SR tapes containing the footage we shot back in ’06, to a more practical storage solution for editing on a PC or Mac. This process will be carried out by a well-known post house in London, called Stanley’s.

After the tapes have been transferred, I will re-edit, re-mix and publicly re-release the existing trailers for Payne & Redemption, in 1080p, and re-construct the film’s end sequence, so that I can ascertain and prioritize what pick-up shots and scenes need to be filmed to complete that portion of the film, then use that to support the architecture of the rest of the production.

For more information, please visit the Payne & Redemption fundraising campaign at IndieGoGo:

Those who have already donated will still receive their appropriate credits as per that campaign’s agreements.

Below are the names of those making the completion of this project possible.

Private Contributions

Kevin McCulloch

Contributions Via

Ossi Mattsson
Stanislav Gusev
Oleksii Serdiuk
Pat Mächler
Sam Forster
Jaylin Duffield
Stefan Grassberger
Michael Pooler
Søren Tryde Andersen
Dawid PajÄ…k
Adam Montville
Stefanos Kornilios Mitsis Piitidis
Grégoire Cottin
Lars Hecker

Contributions Via

Maurizio Schillaci
Damien Kazandjian
Vanessa Abel
John Thomsen
Chris Amburgy
Orion Virhcow
Patrick Kloz
Owun Birkett
Samson Clark
Ondrej Leinert
Grégoire Cottin
Sébastien Morin
Jouni Lamminen
Gregory Nesburg
David Sawchak
Marius Männer
Anton Belonozhkin
Carlo Rengo
Alev AltaÅŸ
Alexander Olshevski
Simran Singh Buttar
Rama Dolman
John Kha
Patrick Streutjens
David Parry
Zina Recai
Eric von Dincklage
Milad M.H. Khani
Mark Scales
Anna Kazantseva
Girish Girish
Gianluca Levorati
Luke Morgan-Rowe
Danny Start
Matthias Liedtke
Gearóid Murphy
Søren Tryde Andersen
Philip Pistol (fantastic name!)
James Churm / James I Jones
Jeffrey Joyce
Alessandro Schiassi
Ben Dean

Also, if you promote our fundraising campaign on your website, send us the URL to the same website you’re supporting us on, and we’ll include your website address below!

Websites supporting Payne & Redemption…

Rockstar 98
Artists’ Highway
Dara Carlson
The Angry Pixel
Inferno Café
Payne Reactor

Thank you,

Fergle Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.
Payne & Redemption – An Independent Film

35 Responses to “Donate”

  • David Carter:

    Have you thought about putting the project on Kickstarter?
    It seems to be working well for some well known videogame developers.

  • Hey Frank – The next fundraising campaign should be within the next month or so. Please bear in mind that as there is no set release date for the 45 minute promotional film at the moment, your donation will serve as a reservation.

    – F

  • frank:

    hi when will the next fundraiser be?i would love to donate so i can get my 45min blu-ray! thanks frank.

  • Hey Frank – You could make a contribution when the next fundraising campaign goes live (not sure when that’ll be yet). Or, if you’d prefer not to wait, you could send your donation via PayPal to donations (at)

    The perks for the last fundraising campaign were as follows…

    * $10 – Your name or website featured on and on the credits of the film under “Special Thanks”.

    * $20 – As above, and a personalized autograph from the Cast and Director.

    * $50 – As above, and a professional, high-definition glossy print of an awesome frame belonging to the footage from the HDCAM SR tapes.

    * $100 – As above, and a first-look at the new, high-definition trailers cut from the footage you’ve helped transfer, with exclusive commentary from the Director and other crew / cast members about the making of the film, which will not be made available anywhere else.

    * $150 – As above, and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the 45 minute promotional film detailed here…

    These will still apply until the next fundraising campaign, where they may or may not be changed.

    – F

  • frank:

    i would like to donate by pay-pal.can someone please help me with my donation?what do i need to do to get the 45min blu-ray?thanks frank.

  • frank:

    how can i donate?thanks frank.

  • Hello my names in benjamin saez am of chile and want to say to them if they can order me the movie by post for that here still not to come if they send her me they can send her in Spanish? Or subtitled please if they it make my mail they agradeceria greatly it is

  • Jaylin – My apologies – I only just saw your message. Good luck on the IMDB front. I re-submitted the project to IMDB on November 17th, last year, and have not heard back from them since. Previously, P&R was denied for not being “notable” enough. The irony, eh?

    – F

  • Jaylin Duffield:

    Hi Fergle and fans of P&R I am trying to get more people to cheack this place out so im trying to put this movie on this may help get more people want to help out.


  • Sure thang, James!

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I can’t wait to see the final product, either. It’s been a long time coming.

    – F

  • Hi Fergle
    on the credits can it be credited as my media persona James I Jones thanks very much and I can’t wait to see the final product I think the long time of waiting will be worth it

  • Jaylin – If you donate £5 or more, you will be credited as one of the Associate Producers.

    SirDregan – It’s working for me! 🙂

    – F

  • I’d really like to donate a decent amount but I can’t see a donate button. Am I blind or is it not working? 😉

  • Jaylin Duffield:

    so to be one of the ASSOCIATE PRODUCER you have to donate at least 7£ and if so are you also credited as Thanks
    cant wait for this


  • Thanks for all your donations and kind words, guys! Sorry I haven’t been in touch – Been a bit out of the loop.

    Jaylin – Yup. Anyone from anywhere in the world can donate.

    – F

  • Jaylin Duffield:

    Hey, can people from the us donate i want to donate some ££.

  • Hi there!
    I make a “binary choice” and I donate 🙂
    I have one request. Can u change “Patryk Kloz” to “Patrick Kloz (Van.Hallgate)” I will appreciate that. Of course, if you can’t add (Van.Hallgate), then leave just Patrick Kloz. I’m just known as Van.Hallgate on the web (in Poland forums, sites, games and many others), and Patryk Kloz is my real name in polish language. 🙂

    I hope, that there will be more fans, that will donate. Your work is very important! I know this, ‘couse I’m making one amateur film, and money is very useful ;p

    I’m waiting for this one project (better then last one movie – Max Payne which sucks…) and of course big thanks for your work!!!

    Sorry, if I make some mistakes, but my english is not so fluently, as I want…

    Best regards…


  • Owun Birkett:

    By the way, I’m a fellow Englishman and also an inspiring filmmaker 🙂 I’ll be taking a gap year after I complete my BA (Hons) Film Studies course at Southampton Solent University and hopefully find any good filmmaking courses in the UK (possibly overseas, who knows?). So I understand the extremely hard work you must go through to accomplish a movie at this scale. So, again, I wish you luck and hope for success.


  • Owun Birkett:

    Hey Fergle,
    Wish you the many best of luck for your independent film project 🙂 I’ve made my donation, just to let you know. List me down as Owun Birkett, as it should show on my paypal account. thank you 🙂


  • Jrej (Grégoire Cottin):

    Hi Fergle,
    I Just donated to Payne and Redemption. We also support you from oversees, France for my part. I’m a big fan of Max, I make short movies with my friends, so there were no reasons for me not to be involved.
    Go payne and Redemption, Go
    Thanks for rocking my socks off

  • Hey Gregory – Thanks for your donation. I’ll see what I can do… 🙂

    Hope you have a fantastic New Year’s!

    – F

  • Gregory Nesburg:

    Hey Fergle, just shot a donation your way from over here in the states. I was greatly disappointed with Max Payne the movie. Here’s hoping yours will blow it away.

    – “That’s you Max, a regular boy scout.”

  • Hey Simran and Anton – No problem. And many thanks for your donations!

    – F

  • Anton Belonozhkin:

    Please replace “Shtumpf Galina Leonidovna” with “Anton Belonozhkin” because Shtumpf Galina Leonidovna just a name from the last mailing address, but its my paypal account.
    Sory for my english =)

  • Simran Singh Buttar:

    Hey there guys! I’ve just donated to this cause to help out! If possible, please use my full name (as above) in the credits. Thank you very much and best of luck with the movie.

  • Rama Dolman:

    i was happy to donate to such a good cause, go max payne! go fergle!

  • There you go Fergle! Now go get it finished muhaha..

    Or else spanking will occur!

  • Joe McDraken:

    I heard of your project and seems to take the right direction Fergle. I think your movie is better than what fox made (I defended a lot before to see that movie and after watched it, it dissapointed me a lot) 🙁

    I wanna watch a new teaser or trailer and hope a lot to see your work.

    I’m a Max Payne big fan (with leather and berettas included)and cheering U up all the time. keep going you brilliant genius!

  • Criminal.Sausage:

    I’ve followed you and your project for quite a while. I’m happy to see that there is still progress! Please take my five Pounds and make this film as good as your clips promised!
    I really hope you show Fox the potential their movie could have had.



  • I’ll make sure to make a donation for Inferno Cafe properly after work today. Godspeed, you brilliant bastards!

  • Philip Pistol:

    lol. Ty, for adding my name. Fantastic? I swear it’s my real name xD.
    I’m definetly looking forward to Payne & Redemption.
    And everyone who didn’t donated something yet, doooooooo it 😀

    “The things that I want”, by Max Payne. A smoke. A whiskey. For the sun to shine. I want to sleep, to forget. To change the past. My wife and baby girl back. Unlimited ammo and a license to kill. But right then, more than anything, I wanted her” And, he didn’t said it, but he thought of it, he wants you to donate 😉
    kindest regards from germany!

  • Hi,
    I’m in strong support of Payne & Redemption..
    I’m just trying to get to to in any way as possible by commenting several times..
    I’m low on my paypal balance at the moment so the only contribution (worth more than i can donate) is that if you have any worries about the website or any webdesign/graphics design stuff, you can just trust me on that & concentrate on the film.
    You can contact me anytime through e-mail or on my facebook inbox.
    I won’t disappoint you in any assistance you ask for & you’ll proudly call me your friendly neighborhood ‘free’lancer !! 😀
    Best of luck with the film !!

  • You are welcome!
    I personally really cared about your copyright problems because at the time I was working as Vfx Supervisor on “MGS: Philanthropy”, a non-profit fanmovie based on “Metal Gear Solid” saga: fortunetly for us, Konami is way smarter than Fox and appreciated our work instead blocking it.

    I’m glad you are keeping your work anyway, good luck!

  • Hi Alessandro – Consider it done. And thank you for your contribution!

    – F

  • Hi Fergle,
    is it possible to be listed as Alessandro Schiassi and not Maurizio (my father and owner of PayPal account)?


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