Latest trailer, excluding the “Max Payne” name…

The following trailers are from before my decision to drop the “Max Payne” name. They do not represent the final film and are for reference purposes only.

Below is test footage shot by me at for Payne & Redemption…

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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  • Para cuando la pelicula. / By the time the movie.

  • kaloyan:

    please mr. GIbson tell me the theme from the first teaser trailer. pleeeeease

  • Basil:

    It’s The Eagles – New York minute πŸ™‚

  • Basil:

    Tell me please the name of track 04. Thank you!

  • Mick – One of the reasons I have written my own story with my own characters is because I don’t want to do what has already been done. Hollywood is doing too much of that these days, and I want to bring something new to the table.

    In regards to your second question… It’s not that it’s hard to make a cinematic adaptation of Sam Lake’s original Max Payne story, but you do need to have the right minds behind it, and not just a bunch of money-hungry producers seeking to make a quick buck off an already established franchise.

    – F

  • mick:

    Why would you not stick to the original story characters of max payne being as the first max payne movie was a fuck up. argh. is it that hard to make a proper game to movie adaption?

  • I found this epic payne’s song on youtube, these guys is africans,

  • track no5 is The Life Of David Gale – Almost Martyrs

  • horst:

    And track no.5!?

  • Alex track three is Teargas & Plateglass – Plague Burial

  • any updates on this?? trailers?? =)

  • Alex:

    Hi, I have a question about the music of your page: Can you tell me please the title and artist of the track three?

  • German fan:

    PLEASE SOMEONE SAY ME WHAT IS THE NAME OF TRACK 5!!!I’ve searched for it so long!!!Please someone!
    I know email might sound crazy,but it’s my real adress…so please someone help me

  • Hi, i’m too a independent director from France, And i had just discover your movie in this website and, i want to say to you that, i have verry loving the fox Max Payne movie and your movie, i think, are verry good ! So thank you for your fabulous job in this film !

    Go to watch trailers of my first feature film that i have directed at my 15 years old in 2009 !
    on the official website:

    And i going to make a ad on my official website for your movie πŸ˜‰ People which know me can going to your website like that ! πŸ˜‰
    Good bye πŸ˜‰

  • Theodore:

    We should support you, Max Payne is a legend,
    best wishes for your work guys from Greece πŸ˜‰

  • Hello everyone i am a young filmmaker (sorry for my english but im spanish). I create “Max Payne: The Scent of Crime” a short film based on the videogame Max Payne. Please look at him, is on YouTube, here you have the link:


  • Jacky:

    please just give me the first track of that soundtrack which was published a long time in that media player on this site…i mean with atrist and trackname
    posted it on youtube,but if this breaks any copyrights i’ll delete it immediately



  • snake:

    hi im just a fun i have a auetsion.When the movie is going to be released?Im waiting for that movie three years and i havent any news yet.

  • Hello! I would just like to leave a comment from the perspective of a first time visitor to the site and project since I am one.

    I am a long time fan of the Max Payne video games series even though most of my friends think the game blows. Ever since first reading in the original Max Payne instruction booklet that there would (eventually) be a Max Payne film I was stoked and absolutely thrilled to see the movie. However, once I saw the film, I was literally embarassed by the movie because I’m known as a Max Payne fan to my friends and the movie only comfirmed (in their minds) that Max Payne is a joke; It’s not.

    It’s a genuis storyline with compelling gameplay that keeps you going until you can’t go any more and finish the game. The game itself is a better movie than the film they pushed through. I always knew that the movie could be LEAPS and BOUNDS better than what it was and literally upset to the point of feeling physically queezy. Ever since then I wished that the movie could be redone; done right.

    While Googling different things about Max Payne 2, I came across this site and learned about the film in development and am more EXCITED than none other! You have another avid supporter here and will definitely be viewing this movie whenever it is possible. As a fan to a fan, I hope that you already know all the things wrong with the Max Payne movie released, Fergle Gibson, and that you take all the things it should have been and put it into your project.

    Redemption couldn’t be a better word for this movie after the abortion that was released officially. Looking forward to seeing the release date change from “When It’s Done” to “Sooner Than Later.”

  • As a director myself I can see the cinematic potential here that would make up a great film. And as a gamer I am glad to see someone following the style of the classic games. It seems now as Sam Lake’s influence over the franchise is slowly fading, so is the appeal that it once had and was the reason for its current fanbase. It’s good to see that people still have the will to revive such a classic story and at the same time the technique and skill to make it a masterpiece.

  • Jacob:

    Back at the start of high school, shortly after the playing Max Payne games, i began writing short stories and poems about Max Payne. That was years ago.
    Max Payne has always had a place in my heart.

    After only recently seeing the so called “official film” and also hearing that Sam Lake is having less to do with the whole francise, in some ways i feel the story stopped a long time ago.

    This film i feel shows promise.
    Even though i know little about it, i know it will do well.
    Good luck team.

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