Alright, so a lot of you have been asking “Why don’t you start a Kickstarter campaign for Payne & Redemption?”. So instead of responding to everyone’s question individually, I thought I’d copy my response from the P&R Facebook page and paste it here…

Back when I first considered Kickstarter, the company was only accepting projects from individuals who had, or had access to, US based bank accounts. Whilst my Associate Producer, Dewi Morgan — who lives in the US — was willing to help me out, it just never happened. Since October 10th, 2012, Kickstarter have been accepting projects from individuals who have UK based bank accounts, so it is at least now a more viable consideration.

However, at this time of writing, I have orchestrated four fundraising campaigns for Payne & Redemption (one Fundable, two IndieGoGo, and one on the P&R website), and have raised less than £300 in total. We need one helluva lot more than that to get this project rolling.

I am a little dubious about starting a Kickstarter fundraising campaign because of the lack of success with previous fundraisers, but am not against the idea, and as the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I do, however, believe we need more material to show potential investors, as when you keep re-hashing the same stuff from six years ago, people become suspicious, and rightfully so. I certainly wouldn’t want to give someone my money for something I didn’t totally believe in!

While I’m not able to show any more material from the footage we shot back in 2006 — due to it being captured on a format that I can’t access without having a spare £2,000 floating around — I’m now able (well, almost) to shoot test footage, or a sort of Payne & Redemption inspired “demo-reel”, with the original cast. This is what I plan to do before starting another fundraising campaign, to show everyone that Payne & Redemption is still very much alive and kicking, and most importantly, progressing.

Fergle “No Half Measures” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

On October 14th, this year, “Fire Chief” Jarred Land from RED Digital Cinema — the premiere pioneers in the world of professional filmmaking technology — announced that RED were selling off a limited amount of used (or “Battle Tested”) Scarlet-X cameras for $7100 instead of the regular $11,900. When I saw this news, I thought to myself “Wow, the people who get in on that deal are going to be one bunch of lucky motherfuckers!”. But after further consideration, I thought to myself “Why can’t I be one of those lucky motherfuckers?”.

I mean, the only thing that stops us from moving forward in life is a lack of belief, right? Only problem was, I didn’t have £20 in my bank account, let alone $7100! But being the relentless bastard I am, this wasn’t a challenge I was going to shy away from. “NO HALF MEASURES”, and all that stuff. The first thing I did, was put down a £1,500 deposit — that I already had on credit with RED — on one of the Battle Tested Scarlet-X cameras. This was to buy myself some more time while I figured out how I was going to procure the remaining funds. However, all it bought me was 30 days until they released my camera back into the wild… But at least I now had a deadline, and being under pressure is when I really knuckle down.

After approaching every avenue I could think of at the time to raise the capital, which included many failed attempts at trying to negotiate with begrudging family members, and beating up people for meager amounts of cash who owed debts to local small-time organised crime syndicates, I quickly became stumped. What the hell was I going to do? As far as I was concerned, whether it was true or not, the progression of Payne & Redemption DEPENDED on that camera! Hell, EVERY project I had in the pipeline for the foreseeable future REQUIRED that camera! And at the price RED were offering it for, for the unknown amount of time it would available, I’d never forgive myself if I let it slip through my fingers.

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Alright, so things have been deathly quiet on here, as well as my Twitter profile, and the P&R Facebook page, leading some of you guys to believe that the project had been abandoned.

P&R abandoned?!

Not being able to pay the hosting fees and GoDaddy actually DELETING this website and, along with all the data belonging to both websites (at no fault of their own, I want to emphasise) didn’t exactly help matters, either. I ended up having to shell out data recovery fees (that I didn’t have, and now owe my bank) to get everything back, which turned out costing double the amount of what I would have paid had I been able to pay my hosting fees on time. But hey, there’s no price on pricelessness, and I am very grateful to GoDaddy for essentially giving me a second chance. I know, I know — next time, BACK UP!

What else is going on?

So, apart from the aforementioned, the reason for the silence has actually been for many reasons, but one of those reasons is because I’ve been working at a gym for the past 8 months, as a Gym Instructor / Trainer, for as many hours as I can, with the plan of using my wages to help fund P&R and other film projects. There just aren’t enough jobs going on in the film business for me at the moment to make ends meet.

But here’s the problem… I don’t think I have ever been as broke as I am right now. Ironic, as you’d think being “employed” would lead to being in the black, but with this particular job, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The paycheque just about covers expenses, I am never initially paid the full amount I’m owed each month, hours are erratic, and I spend more time as a cleaner and customer service representative than my official job title suggests. Oh, the joys of doing whatever you can to pursue your dream.

Hanging in there…

So why am I still hanging in there when I’m doing very little I enjoy, and working for eff-all? Well, for starters, with the economy the way it is right now, I’m taking what I can get, but also, I am working — albeit very loosely — within an industry that holds another passion of mine. Plus, as a lot of you guys know, I’m stubborn, and as potentially futile as it is, I’m hoping against hope, but also exploring a variety of different avenues within the fitness industry to make all of this slave-labour worthwhile.

And the plan so far?

The plan so far is to purchase a RED Scarlet-X (£3K, of which, I have already invested into all of the Scarlet’s required accessories) and FINISH Payne & Redemption as detailed here. There’s my commitment to you guys right there. I am in this for the long haul, and despite what some may think, I will NEVER give up. This is my dream, my career, and I owe YOU for your never-ending support and unyielding patience.

My reason for purchasing equipment as opposed to renting is two-fold. Renting is simply NOT financially viable for me, and I want 100% control over when, where, what and how I shoot. For example, if I have an idea for a shot or a scene at 3am, I want to be able to call up my actors, brush off their many insults and death threats, and start shooting! Freedom is one of the many keys to a successful low-to-no budget independent guerrilla film project, and I will stuff as much of that gold dust into my pockets as possible! But yeah, alright, I’ll try not to piss off the actors too much.

Freedom is one of the many keys to a successful low-to-no budget independent guerrilla film project…

Getting back on track…

I have a stack of e-mails from you guys that I am responding to as quickly as I can, and for those of you who wanted to know my thoughts on Max Payne 3… well, you’ll have to wait for my review. Which, OK, is less of a traditional style review, and more of a collection of bullet points, but you get the general idea.

Anywho, although not the most exciting news in the world, that’s what’s going on right now, and as always, I will be sure to keep you guys apprised of every new development that takes place regarding this project. In the mean time…

Stay frosty.

Fergle “Who really needs to change his avatar” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, or Facebook, I am currently reviewing a fantastic little electronic viewfinder / monitoring solution, made by North Carolina based company SmallHD, called the DP4-EVF. I plan to use the DP4-EVF on Payne & Redemption — alongside a RED Scarlet-X — to help maintain critical focus throughout the production.

Here is a 720p screencap from one of the tests I’m doing for my review, of a rather familiar looking character, enacted (for this purpose) by the one and only Antonio Geezahrelli…

Click the image to view in 1280×720.

Ant also portrayed this eccentrically dressed individual in a test I shot for my review on the Kessler Crane Pocket Jib a couple years back, which you can view here. In case any of you were wondering, Ant will not be replacing Nigel Billing’s role in Payne & Redemption, despite Patrick Streutjens (Cypress) from Payne Reactor trying to persuade me. Sorry, dude!

Fergle “That Max Payne Guy” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

As this project has matured and I’ve become a more experienced Film Producer, I’ve made a point in not making announcements unless I’m 100% sure that whatever I’m talking about in that announcement is either ready, or about to be. People often misinterpret enthusiasm for promises, and become upset when you can’t deliver on time. However, because I class the following announcement in the latter category, I thought I’d let you guys in on it…

Back in 2007, I shot a bunch of interviews with Nigel Billing, Kylie Cushman and John Mangan. Up until now, the tapes I shot on were just gathering dust. Luckily, I was recently able to transfer the interview tapes to my PC, and begin working on a new “Interview Series”, which will be a three part series, equalling around ninety minutes of total footage, released apart from each other, and starting with John’s.

The interviews provide an insightful look into the actors, their characters in Payne & Redemption, the work that went into Payne & Redemption at the time, and what Payne & Redemption means to them. I won’t give a release date yet, but rest assured, I am cutting the interviews together as we speak, so I will keep everyone up to date as and when.

On a different note, I picked up a copy of Alan Wake on Steam when it was released on February 16th, and my God, what an awesome game that is! Writers Sam Lake and Mikko Rautalahti have really out done themselves on this one. Here’s hoping the sequel, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, also sees a PC release in the not-too-distant future, as I already crave more of Bright Falls, and I haven’t even finished the first one yet. Remedy, you guys have been gone too long. Welcome back!

If any of you guys haven’t yet played Alan Wake, but own a PC, I urge you to get it NOW! At £22.99, it’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the fucking century! 😀

Fergle “That Max Payne Guy” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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