After I posted my first impressions of the Max Payne 3 trailer, citing the game’s terrible graphics and lack of “Max Payne” atmosphere, quite a few higher-res textured images of Max Payne 3 that DO convey the “Max Payne” atmosphere have found their way on the net, and it looks like it’s shaping up quite nicely.

As many of you know from the post I made about Max Payne 3 on June 10th, 2009, I welcomed the new setting of São Paulo, Max’s new look and the new direction the franchise was heading… And I still do. I’m not worried about change, and you guys shouldn’t, either. Especially when Rockstar Games is at the helm.

For those who believe Rockstar has butchered their favourite character, in favour of some generic action hero clone, check out this collection of screens I compiled from Max Payne 3, and tell me that ain’t Max Payne…

I still believe that Rockstar needs to sort out its own rendition of the Max Payne theme we all know so well, as the piano and cello iterations are associated with the first two video-games, so we need something to associate with the third instalment, and I still dislike the writing of Max’s dialogue and the overall atmosphere from the trailer, but trailers quite often don’t reflect the product they’re promoting, even though that’s what they’re supposed to do. I understand that, though, and I’m giving it a chance.

As we get closer to the release date of Max Payne 3, more and more media will be released, and it looks like it’s only going to get better. I think I can speak for all of us, however, when I say we want to see some IN-GAME footage, as that’s going to seal the deal. Rockstar Games are showcasing Max Payne 3 at the New York Comic Con NOW, until October 16th, so if you’re in the area, check it out!

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

The long awaited trailer to Rockstar’s Max Payne 3, the sequel to Remedy’s highly acclaimed Max Payne videogames, is now available to download in 720p and lower resolutions here…

If you guys are having any problems downloading it at Rockstar’s website, we’ve uploaded the 720p version to our servers. You can check that out here…

Max Payne 3 Trailer hosted @

So what are everyone’s thoughts so far? Do you feel this is a worthy installment to the Max Payne franchise, or just another cash-in? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

My first impressions of the trailer?

* The rendition of the Max Payne theme used in the trailer seems very alien in a Brazilian setting.

* The overall tone of the elements within the trailer don’t convey the “Max Payne” atmosphere.

* The dialogue comes across as soulless, lazy and overly clichéd. Plus, since when did Max use double negatives? “I ain’t a cop no more”.

* And the story, at this time, doesn’t appear to have anything directly connecting it to the previous videogames, or even to Max Payne, apart from the man himself.

* Also, from a videogame standpoint, for this day and age, the graphics look terrible.

But saying that, I do have faith in Rockstar, and will reserve judgement until I have played the game.

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

As many of you know, I have been trying to get Payne & Redemption accepted by IMDB for the past five years, to no avail. But, on Saturday, July 9th, IMDB finally accepted Payne & Redemption after John Mangan and I fired every notable third party reference we could gather in their direction for the past two weeks. A HUGE thank you must go out to John, whose relentless pursuit, amongst many other qualities, is what makes him an invaluable part of the Payne & Redemption production machine.

I believe it’ll take a short while before everyone involved in the production is added to the P&R IMDB page, but what we have now is better than anything we had before.

Check the link after the jump, and remember…

Stay frosty!

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

I’m going to be starting a new podcast with Ben Dean, from, within the next couple months (but you know how we are at keeping time…), which we will be airing on the Payne & Redemption and Visual Fizzle website every fortnight or so.

We will be talking candidly about the film world, including advances in cinematic technology, the latest short films that grab our attention, our own projects and project-related experiences, and much, much more.

So, if that type of thing grabs you where it feels good, then stay tooned!

… As well as frosty, of course.

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

For every plan, you must have at least one contingency plan. In my case, I have more than I can count on both hands. ONE of my many plans for Payne & Redemption, is to turn it into a narrative music video, because, like I said before, it’ll be the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to release the project in a completed state, as it’ll bypass the need for most of the expenses required to finish the production as a narrative movie. But let me be a little more specific on that…

It’ll only “bypass the need for most of the expenses required to finish the production as a narrative movie” if I was still striving to complete the film as I’d originally envisaged.

If, however, I were to create a new and different story around select portions of the footage we’ve already shot, I could still utilize parts (if not most) of the original footage, yet take the film in any direction I wanted, and still end up with a narrative movie, but a narrative movie that’d cost about the same as turning it into a music video, which, for the most part, is just time.

So, in no particular order of preference, the two plans I’m making public are as follows…

1) Turn P&R into a music video.

2) Turn P&R into a different narrative movie than planned, utilizing select cuts of the original footage.

In terms of workload required for both of the ideas, there is very little difference between the two. Both require the original tapes to be transferred so that the footage from ’06 can be used in the end result, and both require additional footage to be shot. The only difference is, the music video requires a band and band footage, and the narrative movie requires more actors and scenes. So as you can see, it’s very much of a muchness. One just requires a different approach to the other.

My priority is to finish Payne & Redemption in any way that does the production justice, and I am working on both ideas at the same time, fleshing them out at every spare opportunity I get. I think we all know which one we’d prefer, but which will come to fruition first, and will it be the most feasible?

Fergle “Larry David” Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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