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      • RE: Problems posting comments...
        If you had any trouble posting comments on blog entries before, you should be able to post comments now.

        If you're still experiencing any difficulties posting comments, please e-mail us, detailing your problem, and we'll do our best to sort it out.


      • If not Nigel Billing, then who?!...
        I was strolling down Jermyn Street on Tuesday pondering over my creative input to this movie - I've had a minor role to play so far with a few lines here and there, which some people would say is more than enough, as I am not considered to be very creative - but I got 78% in GCSE art, so who ar

      • Wiki Wild Wikipedia...
        It is a sad day when one must report their Wikipedia page mercilessly destroyed at the hands of barbaric, relentless Wikipedians... But, as the great Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "we must move on".

        For those of you who missed out on our epic journey throughout the wild and

      • I am writing this whilst wearing a Creme Egg easter box on my head...
        Some people say that the long and windy road exists to challenge people, to develop endurance and test reserve & determination. I say that it's there to annoy me, and very shortly everyone involved in making this film.

        You see, believe it or not, after 7 munts looking for a loca

      • A French grocer?...
        According to the French website (who covered a short article on Payne & Redemption - see link), my name is actually "Marcel Chafouin" and I'm a grocer living in France (who the poster also happens to know).

        Many of you may be disappointed to hear this, but

      • Problems posting comments...
        Just to advise everyone that for the time being you won't be able to post comments on blog entries already with comments, but you can, however, post comments on new entries and entries without comments.

        We hope to rectify the problem shortly.

        Blog Admin.

      • I am most not-ly pleased...
        Good evening, Good morning, Good night and Good afternoon (I think I've covered most, however if you can think of a time frame/zone/thing I've missed out, then shove it).

        Have you heard of Wikipedia (damn American spelling!!)? Have you heard of Wikipedia? Have you heard of Wikip

      • Wikipedia & IMDB...
        Good evening, comrades.

        Seeing as IMDB rejected us a total of, let's see... FIVE times (OK, I may be overreacting a little... They rejected us ONCE after we submitted the film with hardly any certifiable information, but this is what us Brits call "SARCASM", people!), check

      • So it turns out that Hawaiian Shirts are like Champagne...
        ...they have to be from Hawaii to be authentic - ooooo, la-di-da.

        So it falls to me, as the Bard would say, 'the man who caneth', to quash the circulating rumours that a series of promotional photos are soon to be released featuring the cast. I can assure you that there are no p

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