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  • 2009
    • October
      • The change has come...
        Click here.

        Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
        Writer & Director.

      • Change...
        A change is coming...

        Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
        Writer & Director.

    • August
      • Universal Music Group & other P&R related news...
        For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, I announced yesterday that Universal Music Group *might* (although it hasn't been confirmed) be removing the second P&R trailer from YouTube for unsolicited use of the song "Everyday Is Exactly The Same", by Nine Inch Nails. So

    • July
      • Transcoding h.264 files from the Canon 5D Mark II...
        The following post isn't about P&R, so if you're not interested, move along.

        If any of you have been following me on Twitter, you'll know I now own a Canon 5D Mark II. From a stills point of view, it's a fantastic camera, and totally kicks the ass of my 5D Mark I.

    • June
      • Interview for now online...
        At long last, here is the interview I did for

        Please visit for the Hungarian translation.

        Thanks for the opportunity, guys!

 Our first question - When did you first come up with the idea of making a movie from the stor

      • Dewi Morgan, Associate Producer of P&R, gets married!...
        Well, about 16 hours ago.

        I never thought I'd see the day Dewi tied the knot, and always told him that if it ever happened, I'd be there to embarrass the hell out of him... Sorry, I mean, offer my total support. So he gets married in Canada. Cunning.

      • Max Payne 3...
        Am I the only one who likes how Max Payne 3 is turning out?

        Set 12 years after the events of Max Payne 2, Max Payne has retired from the NYPD, moved to São Paulo, Brazil, and has taken work in the "Private Security" sector of one of the city's wealthiest families. He'

      • Current to-do list...
        Just put together the current to-do list, and have split it into three categories for your viewing pleasure; Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.


        * Transfer HDCAM SR tapes from 2006 to HDD
        * Edit the &q

      • Camera contender for the P&R pick-ups & additional footage...
        The Panasonic HPX-3700.

        Sure, it's a big step down from the D-20 (or D-21 now), but that also means it's a big step down in money, too... And for this project, that can only be a good thing. But don'

    • May
      • A P&R related update, at long last!...
        If any of you have been following me on Twitter, you'll know that I have been looking for people and / or companies to transfer the P&R HDCAM SR master tapes to hard-drive. This will allow me to gain a lot more control over the project, as it will severely reduce (if not totally eliminate)

      • Canon 5D Mark II...
        This isn't P&R related, so if you're not interested, move along.

        Due to the recent hullabaloo over Canon's announcement to implement full-manual-control over the exposure on the 5D Mark II (whilst in video mode), as well as the now rumoured ability to shoot 24p, I thoug

    • April
      • Twitter...
        OK, so I've recently joined Twitter... Not *entirely* sure why. But please feel free to "follow" me, ask me questions, tell me how much you love me, or how much you think I suck, and I'll do my best to reply!

        I accept most major credit cards, including Mastercard, Maes

      • Happy Birthday, Nigel Billing!...
        Just thought I'd wish my fellow Aprilite, Nigel, a happy 36th Birthday... May you get ploughed with alcohol and abused by a sea of ridiculously hot women. You always said you'd be in a wheel-chair by the time we get this film finished, and ya know what? You might be right!


    • February
      • Updates, updates, and more updates...
        Alright... There have been several ideas floating around in regards to the direction of this project and others relating to it.

        I won't go into specifics yet, but suffice to say, the footage from '06 will NOT go to waste. In other words, you will get to see what we shot two year

      • WE'RE BACK!...
        ... And here to stay!

        If you were wondering where we have been over the past three months, we were living it up in the Bahamas on the huge settlement that Fox had begrudgingly paid to prevent us from upstaging their "Max Payne" film. Turns out that didn't help them much, an

  • 2008
    • October
      • Max Payne videogame producer shoots down Fox's Max Payne film...
        The head of the company that produces the Max Payne video games has joined the criticism of the movie based on the game. 3D Realms CEO Scott Miller told the video-game magazine Edge , "There are several fundamental story flaws ... in the film that have me shaking my head in bewilderment."

    • September
      • New Payne & Redemption Facebook page...
        Just informing everyone that Payne & Redemption now has its own Facebook page...

        You can view it here.

        Pass the word around!

        * This news has nothing to do with the "exciting announcments" mentioned earlier.


      • Payne & Redemption MySpace page back online...
        For those of you who don't already know, the official (nothing-to-do-with-Max-Payne) "Payne & Redemption" MySpace page is now back online. Click here to view.

        Please add us to your Friends List and pass the word around!

        I've also been asked to inform you

    • August
      • "See? My last smoke - It's bad for the baby..."
        Evenin' people,

        OK, it's not P&R related, nor even Max Payne related, but I thought I'd share this news with you guys, anyway...

        As of 05/08/08 (i.e., yesterday), I became the proud father of a beautiful 7lb 6oz baby daughter! We haven't named her yet, a

    • July
      • What have we here?...
        A little taste of things to come.

        Click here to discuss.

        Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
        Writer & Director.

    • June
      • A new beginning...
        Since Luke's "Fuck FOX" post, there have been a few changes around here. You might have noticed that the poster no longer reads "Max Payne", nor the banner at the top of the blog, and Nigel Billing, although still the lead character, is no longer down as "Max Payne"

    • May
      • Give a dog a bone...
        Keeping the peace is one thing, especially when you are a tiny island and a f*cking planet sized monster is threatening to eat you if you don't. But the problem is that throughout this whole saga 'keeping the peace' has left me somewhat red. Red with embarassment, anger and disappoint

      • A fan's dismay...
        A little video was brought to my attention today (well, yesterday, if you're in the UK), and after watching it, I just had to post it.

        Sure, we've received thousands of e-mails from dismayed fans across the globe since April 22nd, but when you actually HEAR someone talk about th

      • The final gunshot...
        Well guys, it's been a tough and stressful couple weeks, but the firing pin has finally struck the primer, and now I must reveal what has come of this debacle...

        We spoke to the Vice President of Intellectual Property at Fox this evening, and have been told we're no longer allow

    • April
      • NEWS FLASH! Country boy has 20th Century Fox quaking in their boots!
        G'day, people!

        Received a rather interesting e-mail this evening...

        Dear Mr. Gibson,

        My name is Mei-lan Stark and I am Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property for Fox Group Legal. As part of my responsibilities, I am charge

      • MySpace account SHUT DOWN!...
        OoOoOo... It would appear someone high up has thrown a little bit of a tizzy and had our MySpace account shut down. Alleged "copyright infringement", I hear.

        Seems like someone's a little scared... :-)

        Thousands of friends and comments lost, thousands of loyal su

    • March
      • NEW TRAILER!!!...
        Hey gang,

        Those of you diehard fans who have been following this project since the get-go, may very well recognize what you're about to see.

        Back when first went online, and we barely even had a complete CAST, I released a rather badly made, amateur

      • Back from the dead...
        It's been over three months since my last post, but amidst the silence on this blog, much chaos has been a brewin'! At the moment, we're pushing to film the "extra scene" on our "to do" list, as we're unable to film any of the pickups until around June / July.

    • January
      • Happy New Year!...
        It's not much, but in light of recent events, and to welcome in the new year, we scraped together a few production photos for you guys, in hope to whet your appetites once again and bring back some of that good old camaraderie this community once had!

        We will be releasing more and mo

  • 2007
    • December
      • Updates...
        You want updates? You want updates?! I'll give you some f**kin' updates! Well, if there were many...

        Firstly, any of you who have heard I am working on another film have definitely been misinformed. I was, however, *approached* about directing a short film earlier on this year,

    • November
      • NEW POSTER!...
        Here it is, guys...

        The poster you've all been waiting for... The man who has been kept in the shadows for so long...

        Oh, and to all those who think this project is dead, for whatever reason, you couldn't be more wrong.


    • October
        We've fallen on hard times, here at P&R Towers, and are in a bit of a sticky situation. To put it bluntly, we've run out of money. This latest obstacle is one we will overcome, but we need your help! For more info, check out our page HERE.


    • September
        For those of you who haven't yet become a member of the forum, and thus haven't yet seen what we had in store for you, I now present to you, and the rest of the world, in all its divine glory, the SECOND TEASER TRAILER!

        Click here to download the hi-res version.
      • Did you think we'd let you down?...
        Anyone who hasn't yet checked out the forum, might want to check it out now...


        EDIT - If you haven't already figured out, the exclusive, pre-release screening of the trailer is now available to forum members on the... w

      • Exclusive pre-release screening of the second teaser trailer...
        Good morning, my loyal compadres.

        Just a quick note to say that we will be giving all forum members an exclusive pre-release screening of the second teaser trailer at some point within the next two weeks (providing everything goes to plan), so if you're not already a member, you migh

    • August
      • Forum...
        Afternoon, ladies.

        As the discussion of this film has reached an almost infamous status on the internet, we thought we'd give you rather large message board to futher flame us on.

        Have fun!


        Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
        Writer &

      • WE'RE BACK!!!...
        OK, so many of you were probably wondering things like... "What the hell happened to the website?" and "Why is now advertising some fratboy's university in Dakota?" - Well, there's a simple answer, really...

        The P&R website was aver

      • Trailer reactions...
        Just posting a few of the reactions from some of the people who have been lucky enough to see the new trailer before its release...

        "I'm very proud with how this film is turning out. It's been a long time coming, and very stressful, but I hope this trailer goes some way to

      • Nearly there...
        Afternoon, comrades.

        OK, let's get down to brass tacks...

        The confirmed runtime for the new trailer is 2 minutes and 9 seconds. I'm editing it myself from copies of the film's master tapes that were burned on to DVD (before HD-DVDs came out, unfortunately), so ag

      • Where are they now?...
        Evening, people.

        Due to the vast amount of e-mails we have recently received regarding the progress of the film and its release date, we haven't been able to reply to everyone's inquiries, so I will make an official announcement here.

        Post-production on Max Payne: Pay

    • July
      • Just a quick update...
        We've updated the "Trivia" section of the site (which I encourage you ALL to read, as it'll answer many of your questions), and added a short synopsis that we'll add more to at a later point.

        Stay frosty,

        Fergle "L

      • A new trailer is on the horizon...
        A new trailer is on the horizon, running at approximately one minute and forty-six seconds. Don't worry, it contains plenty of tantalizing, titillating shots, and because we listen to the fans, music from Barney & Friends, too...

        ... But the big question still remains... Will Nig

    • June
      • Excerpt from a yet-to-be-released-interview...
        Here is an excerpt from a yet-to-be-released interview with the guys at that I thought everyone here would be interested in.

        Patrick: We've asked you before, but we might as well give it another go... Will there

      • Comments are now RE-ENABLED...
        Comments are now re-enabled. As much as we encourage freedom of speech, and believe everyone should have their say, give the whole "civility" thing a go.

        We have temporarily disabled comments on this blog, as many people were abusing this facility and spoiling it for others. If

      • The offline...
        In other news, after several "payne-staking" months of editing, the offline (rough cut) has now been completed and is looking VERY sexy indeed. The runtime currently stands at 17 minutes and 10 seconds with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1, but will likely become a little longer (by a few minutes

      • In a New York minute...
        You know, most people hate Mondays... But I think this little update might change a few people's minds just this once.

        And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you...


        Click HERE to download a much better quality, hi-

      • A few updates...
        "Editing... It's a Payne in the ass, but someone's gotta do it."

        Quote-Book time!



        Matteo (the Editor) and I spent God knows how long editing the "Script" version of the film, all to discover that it simply did

    • May
      • RE: Article on Payne & Redemption in PC Zone...
        Two consecutive posts?... A day after each other?... I'm on a role!

        I know some of you guys aren't really interested in this stuff, but for those who are, here is a web-based version of the article on Payne & Redemption in the UK gaming magazine, PC Zone.

      • RE: Something long awaited and very cool...
        Good morning, afternoon, evening, my compadres.

        Just wanted to make a formal apology in regards to the delay of the "something long awaited and very cool" thing. Yes, yes, yes, I know what you're thinking - "Empty promises" and all that shiznit. But we really are

      • Bang, bang, you're dead...
        I've harped on a lot about accuracy. Partly that's because props were my responsibility during shooting, so I see it as important. And partly because discussing it is a good vehicle for trivia that doesn't destroy the plot for you, and it means I can slip in plot-related trivia withou

      • Union rules...
        The crew, I found, were universally tolerant of the fact that this was the first time I'd been involved in anything related to the trade, and they made do, with a typically stoic Britishness, whenever they asked "do we have a blatantly-obviously-needed-thing?" and I said that the thou

    • April
      • I cannot disclose that type of information...
        Here's today's juicy MaxNews, right up front! Work has begun on the second episode. Actually, it's the first, though it will be the second to be released. So, since they're being released out-of-order, à la Star Wars, work has begun on the second which is really the first, and h

      • Fix it in post...
        Well, I've been pressured into writing here, apparently it's "my responsibility as associate producer" or somesuch. And I try hard to be a good assprod, so I'll be trying to slip you all as many hard facts and juicy tidbits past the censors as I can. Don't expect spoil

    • March
      • A few updates...
        Evenin' troops,

        First off, the poster on the front page now reads "2007"... This is because we're not in the year 2006 anymore, and in case anyone wasn't paying attention, we sort of missed that estimated release date anyway.

        Secondly, something long aw

    • February
      • I'm no Vista...
        ...I'm not even a Service Pack. At best, I might be described as a Critical Security Update for Internet Explorer.

        Mac users, you are excused for not having a clue what I am on about - I'm just impressed that you can even read this!

        (that was a 'Mac-users-are-st

    • January
      • Article on Payne & Redemption in UK gaming magazine PC Zone...
        Hey guys,

        This totally slipped my mind due to everything that's going on at the moment, but there is an article on Payne & Redemption and an excerpt from an interview I did with editor Pavel Barter on page 19 of the UK gaming magazine PC Zone (Issue 177) on shelves now, priced £

      • And now a word from El Directorio...
        A lot of you are wondering why there haven't been any major updates recently, why we didn't wish anyone a merry Christmas, why there wasn't any Javascript snow falling from the top of the page, and... well... mainly why nothing appears to be happening with the film! And I don't b

      • I got a New Year text from Max Payne - Did you?!?!
        Alas my young pelicans, we have entered into the 2007th year since the birth of the lord god's own son - his omnipotent, omnipresent, gracious and good spawn. No, I'm not 2007 years old!! Oh you...

        Anywho, 'thas been a while since anyone's given you an update, and ther

  • 2006
    • December
      • New media release!...
        Did you think we'd given up on you?

        Here's a little something for your viewing pleasure...

        A higher-res version will be available shortly.

        Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
        Writer & Director.

    • November
      • Only kidding!!
        Would I leave you, my craving minions, without my sage mots? (yes, I said 'sage' again - cue the bad puns)

        Alas, it has been over one month since my last post, and what a month it has been! El Directorio has been dominating the blog, which I'm sure you've been getting

      • The greatest man who ever produced...
        ...was a man of very few words.

    • October
      • MySpace and other news...
        We've finally gotten ourselves a MySpace page - It had to be done, right? Things may not look as great as they could at the moment (especially when people post HUGE images in their comments), but they will soon, so stay tuned!

        In other news, "What's happening with the film?

      • That's a wrap!...
        After 1 year, 1 month and approximately 48 hours of intense, gruelling, but thoroughly rewarding work, Max Payne: Payne & Redemption (Chapter III) is now in the can.

        The camaraderie, enthusiasm and energy on set unsurpassed anything I've ever worked on in the past, and I want to

      • You hear the one about the fella who died...
        ...went to the pearly gates? St. Peter let him in. Sees a guy in a linen suit producing a film. Says, "Who's that?" St. Peter says, "Oh, that's God. Thinks he's Luke Morgan-Rowe."

        Alas my loyal guttersnipes, I am writing this with a sense of inevitabilit

    • September
      • Interview with
        For those whose French is a little rusty, here is the English version of the interview I recently did with

        JeuxVideoPC: I've seen your movie is scheduled for release this summer - Will you meet the planned release date?
        Fergle Gibson: We're now filming in

      • Where's Nigel? (Music video)...
        A million Pounds Sterling to the first person who can spot Nigel Billing (A.K.A. Max Payne) in the music video below...

        (OK, I'm lying - You get nothing.)

        Here's a clue... He's not the guy playing the piano.

        You may recognise the music playing on this

      • Cast & crew mini-bios...
        I don't know if anyone's noticed yet, but on the right hand side of the blog (if you scroll down a little), we have mini-bios of all cast and some of the crew. If you like reading, looking at a few pictures and want to know more about the people making this most excellent production, it�

      • New poster!...
        The official one-sheet poster for Max Payne: Payne & Redemption has finally been released!

        You can also view it on the main page here.

        Be cool,

        Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
        Writer & Director.

      • The Saga Continues.....
        Hi everybody!...
        ...Hi Dr Luke!

        Aha welcome my petits enfants horribles, to yet another episode in the Wikipedia saga :-| For those of you not familiar with this fued, review these posts and comments at your leisure.....Post 1, Post 2.

        To avoid another waffle, and hence a

      • Difficulty posting comments...
        It has been brought to our attention that some of you may have experienced difficulties when trying to submit comments to the blog entries.

        If you have received this error message:


        Comment not saved. I ran into a problem while saving your comment.

    • August
      • "More photos? Already?!"...
        We're being so kind to you people, and it's not even Christmas! Feast your eyes on this weeks selection...

        *As always, click on the images to view the full-sized versions. As they are pop-ups, you will have to disable any pop-up blockers you have on your machine before you can v

      • "New pictures?!" I hear you cry!...
        Yup - That's right, my loyal compadres. Another taste of what's to come.

        If you'd like to know why we're being so stingy with the amount of images we release each time, it's because we don't really like you. Only kidding! Jeez, I'm starting to sound like

      • The Purple Nurple of Posts
        'thas been a while, me hearties, since I posted an official entry - alas I think the director and associate producer were trying to muscle me out, because of my "subjects that didn't correlate with the body of the post" :-| - apparently, LOADS of people had emailed in complaining

    • July
      • Voilà, mes ami(e)s! The photos...
        'Sup, money!

        I'm very happy to be able to release a few selected shots from Tuesday's photo-shoot. I hope more will follow in the coming months, but for now, here are a few hors d'oeuvres.



        *Click on the images to view the ful

      • Back from the photo-shoot!...
        OK, mis amigos...

        Instead of waffling on about some inconsequential, self-righteous, totally-unrelated-to-the-film bollocks to bulk out what would otherwise be a dull, drier-than-the-Sahara-Desert post (not mentioning any names), I’ll get straight to the point.

        We're bac

      • 'Yo, Blair, they've got to stop doing this shit"

        Jeez, I mean who'd have thought that the leaders of the free world would talk about us?

        It turns out that Gee Dubbelyer and Tony B Liar were talking, seeming unaware of the microphone, about the success of the official photoshoot we did on Tuesday - they're slig

    • June
      • Talent competition...
        *Cue cheesy infomercial salesman's voice*

        Do YOU want to show off your artwork for the whole world to view in awe? If so, send all of your original Max Payne: Payne & Redemption inspired wallpapers, posters and instant messaging display icons to info*at* Al

      • Your Majesty, I am waiting...
        Next year, your Majesty, I fully expect and thoroughly intend to accept your offer of Knighthood. You see, it occurred to me recently that all I ever do is give, give, give, and it’s time high time for our matriarch to give something back! Alas, I must wait 'til next year for this honour, so

      • CAST PHOTOS RELEASED! The Revolution will not be televised...
        ... it'll be on film! Well, on this blog really, but the blog is about a film, so it kind of works. Yes, I know, it's a bit like saying that you can drive the Top-Gear magazine, but as you may have gathered so far, I don't care.

        As princes progress to kings, students to pro

      • Interview with the Director Pt. II...
        G'day, gang! It's been a while since I posted, but have just completed my second interview with the guys at Payne Reactor, so thought I'd post an excerpt of it on the blog...

        Patrick: How is the film progressing?
        Fergle: We're progressing at a pretty steady rate a

    • May
      • E-mail problems...
        Due to a few problems with the server this week, if you tried e-mailing anyone at Payne and Redemption dot com and got your e-mail bounced back to you, that'll be why... Either that or you don't know how to send an e-mail!

        Everything has now been resolved, so please re-send any

      • And The Winner Is...

        Only kidding - actually I'm not - but with reference to my competition, I am not.

        Now who should I give the 10 pounds prize to? 'Fern' guy - you get it. I know where you live...

        So what's been happening these past few da

      • No more tick-tock...
        That's right, no more tick-tock my shiny happy friends - by the end of the month...

        Luke "Jeff Garlin" Morgan-Rowe.
        Daily Mail-burning Executive Producer.

        P.S. No, I'm not talking about the film - if you haven't the foggiest wha

      • There once was a man from Niagra, whose life was enlightened by...

        Sorry, I've always wanted to start a blog with that, you know, raising the issue, but couldn't find a good enough reason... until now.

        Anywho, I noticed that once again my undoubted bias has led me to neglect the wonderful crew involved in this shambles (sor

    • April
      • RE: Problems posting comments...
        If you had any trouble posting comments on blog entries before, you should be able to post comments now.

        If you're still experiencing any difficulties posting comments, please e-mail us, detailing your problem, and we'll do our best to sort it out.


      • If not Nigel Billing, then who?!...
        I was strolling down Jermyn Street on Tuesday pondering over my creative input to this movie - I've had a minor role to play so far with a few lines here and there, which some people would say is more than enough, as I am not considered to be very creative - but I got 78% in GCSE art, so who ar

      • Wiki Wild Wikipedia...
        It is a sad day when one must report their Wikipedia page mercilessly destroyed at the hands of barbaric, relentless Wikipedians... But, as the great Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "we must move on".

        For those of you who missed out on our epic journey throughout the wild and

      • I am writing this whilst wearing a Creme Egg easter box on my head...
        Some people say that the long and windy road exists to challenge people, to develop endurance and test reserve & determination. I say that it's there to annoy me, and very shortly everyone involved in making this film.

        You see, believe it or not, after 7 munts looking for a loca

      • A French grocer?...
        According to the French website (who covered a short article on Payne & Redemption - see link), my name is actually "Marcel Chafouin" and I'm a grocer living in France (who the poster also happens to know).

        Many of you may be disappointed to hear this, but

      • Problems posting comments...
        Just to advise everyone that for the time being you won't be able to post comments on blog entries already with comments, but you can, however, post comments on new entries and entries without comments.

        We hope to rectify the problem shortly.

        Blog Admin.

      • I am most not-ly pleased...
        Good evening, Good morning, Good night and Good afternoon (I think I've covered most, however if you can think of a time frame/zone/thing I've missed out, then shove it).

        Have you heard of Wikipedia (damn American spelling!!)? Have you heard of Wikipedia? Have you heard of Wikip

      • Wikipedia & IMDB...
        Good evening, comrades.

        Seeing as IMDB rejected us a total of, let's see... FIVE times (OK, I may be overreacting a little... They rejected us ONCE after we submitted the film with hardly any certifiable information, but this is what us Brits call "SARCASM", people!), check

      • So it turns out that Hawaiian Shirts are like Champagne...
        ...they have to be from Hawaii to be authentic - ooooo, la-di-da.

        So it falls to me, as the Bard would say, 'the man who caneth', to quash the circulating rumours that a series of promotional photos are soon to be released featuring the cast. I can assure you that there are no p

    • March
      • Does anyone know how to pick up their phone any more???!!
        So for the past week I have been trying to contact three separate people who are involved in this film - I have rang mobile phones, sent text messages and left voicemails, but no one has picked up or replied. Which leaves me to consider two possibilities - either no one likes me (which I highly susp

      • "Questions, Mr. Wayne? My work raises too many questions?"...
        Q: Are you going to be going for the look Max Payne had in the first or in the second Max Payne [game]?
        A: If you're referring to the look of the character, you'll have to wait and see. But if you're referring to the look of the overall game, I'd say an amalgamation between

      • A slightly friendlier post from your unfriendlier EP...
        Just a quick update, so you stop flooding the site's inbox with questions (really, 16000 in one day is just too many).

        Having unfortunately lost our set builder to the savage hand of an orthopoedic knee surgeon (he didn't die, just to clarify, he had a knee replacement) we have

      • Interview with the Director...
        Afternoon, peeps!

        For all you inquisitive minds, here is an excerpt of the interview I did with PayneReactor on the 14th of Febuary...

        Q: What's the estimated runtime of the film?
        A: The film will be around 15 minutes long, but is part of a much bigger story.
    • February
      • A friendly note from your unfriendly EP...

        Luke Morgan-Rowe here, or as I like to be called "Mr Executive Producer, SIR" - yes indeed, your over weight exec prod - the only difference between that and just producer, is that I get to wear a suit.

        So I thought I'd do a quick run down on where we are

      • In response to recent questions...
        ... here are the answers;

        Q: What exactly did John [Mangan] do that creeps you out?
        A: It's definitely the hand jewellery.

        Q: Will there be any bullet-time?
        A: That is something everyone will have to wait to find out. :)

        Q: How long is it going to take

      • Payne & Redemption blog goes online...
        Hello all!

        This is Fergle Gibson, writer and director of the new independent film, Max Payne: Payne & Redemption.

        I forget who suggested getting a blog, but it was probably one of the most sensible ideas someone had come up with since they elected Arnold as Governor.