I am writing this whilst wearing a Creme Egg easter box on my head... 
Tuesday, April 18, 2006, 02:33 AM
Some people say that the long and windy road exists to challenge people, to develop endurance and test reserve & determination. I say that it's there to annoy me, and very shortly everyone involved in making this film.

You see, believe it or not, after 7 munts looking for a location, I very possibly, may-be, peut-etre be able to perhaps mention that we could, with any luck, have a location for the shoot. I don't wish to jinx it, though, as the DP has to clear it before I can go all Robert Downey-Jnr with my 1996 bottle of Billecart-Salmon Rose (I still don't know why people hate me...).

I'm not going to reveal where the location is, obviously because we don't want to have to deal with the thronging masses who will now doubt gather to see the shoot - oh who am I kidding, to see me. I will however tell you [here comes the link to the 1st bit of the post] that it is down a very long and windy road - and that, ladies & ladies, is what Alanis Morrisette incorrectly analgorised with ironic.

Now, I could have said all that in one or two lines, so it would be fair to say that I like to waffle, to which I would reply - "Waffle this"

Hugs & kisses,
Luke "Jeff Garlin" Morgan-Rowe
World's Smallest Executive Producer.

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A French grocer?... 
Saturday, April 15, 2006, 08:45 AM
According to the French website GameHope.com (who covered a short article on Payne & Redemption - see link), my name is actually "Marcel Chafouin" and I'm a grocer living in France (who the poster also happens to know).

Many of you may be disappointed to hear this, but my name is not "Marcel Chafouin", and I'm not a grocer living in France, nor do I know the poster who posted this very novel piece of news, as much as it pains me to say. However, I HAVE been to France a few times, and I also happen to like the food... A tenuous connection, perhaps, but a connection nonetheless!

Anyway, however the poster came to this wonderfully amusing conclusion is WAY beyond me, but I know many people who would like whatever the hell it was he was smoking at the time.

Hope this has cleared up a few things!

Keep crackin',

FG Steel.
Writer / Director & All Round Nice Guy.
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Problems posting comments... 
Saturday, April 15, 2006, 12:59 AM
Just to advise everyone that for the time being you won't be able to post comments on blog entries already with comments, but you can, however, post comments on new entries and entries without comments.

We hope to rectify the problem shortly.

Blog Admin.
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I am most not-ly pleased... 
Thursday, April 13, 2006, 10:18 PM
Good evening, Good morning, Good night and Good afternoon (I think I've covered most, however if you can think of a time frame/zone/thing I've missed out, then shove it).

Have you heard of Wikipedia (damn American spelling!!)? Have you heard of Wikipedia? Have you heard of Wikipedia? Have you heard of Wikipedia? I ask three times because I want you to think long and hard about the answer - the answer being "no".

Wikipedia is a website that no longer exists for me, and thence for you - my loyal and subservient fans. You see, they pissed me off. They have decided to "nominate for deletion" our page on this film, because, well, they're stuck-up wankers. Their anal sphincters are wound so tightly, they would make the green party proud. In fact, they make the labour party's "Centre for Political Correctness" look like the neo nazis enjoying a BBC news bulletin reporting the latest suicide bombing-nutter's last good bye in a bar in Jerusalem. Fancy that, that's the second time I've mentioned sphincters in as many posts - people will start to think... (if you want to know their reason why the page has been nominated for deletion, visit the site and post your objection).

Silly Mr Webmaster has ruined one of my things as well - damn these people ruining things for me!!! See, I mentioned in my last post that there wouldn't be any promotional photos because I wanted to sound like a cool football manager who denies everything despite them being true, but sodding Mr Webmaster had to go and put a link on the homepage to the up coming promotional photos - so there you go, to think that I was going to give you all a surprise... oh well, I guess I'll have to think of something else...

So, decided yesterday that there's not going to be a film.

Love you all, peace to the holy lord and funk off,

Luke "Jeff Garlin" Morgan-Rowe
Sexy Executive Producer.

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Wikipedia & IMDB... 
Saturday, April 8, 2006, 07:02 PM
Good evening, comrades.

Seeing as IMDB rejected us a total of, let's see... FIVE times (OK, I may be overreacting a little... They rejected us ONCE after we submitted the film with hardly any certifiable information, but this is what us Brits call "SARCASM", people!), check out our cool and spanky Wikipedia page here, which is now up for deletion... Oooh, don't we like to be controversial.

According to IMDB, a film of this nature has to have either been completed and released to the general public, or have preponderant evidence that it WILL be completed and released in the near future, otherwise they will not allow it to be submitted to their database... Which is fair enough, I guess.

Happy hunting,

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