"See? My last smoke - It's bad for the baby..." 
Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 10:48 PM
Evenin' people,

OK, it's not P&R related, nor even Max Payne related, but I thought I'd share this news with you guys, anyway...

As of 05/08/08 (i.e., yesterday), I became the proud father of a beautiful 7lb 6oz baby daughter! We haven't named her yet, as we're hoping one will just pop into our minds during some sort of moment of revelation. But being that her current favourite pastimes include punching me and her mommy in the face, and competing with the audible range of Krakatoa, I'm sure whatever name we settle on will suit her perfectly.

Anyway, I haven't slept much over these past 48 hours, which, OK, is no new feat for me (and sure ain't gonna get any better now!), but I think I'll bid you guys adieu, and pop a pizza in the oven.

Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer, Director, and Proud Father.

P.S. Yes, P&R is still going ahead. :-)

P.P.S. Received a few e-mails from people congratulating me on quitting smoking for my baby daughter, but I don't *actually* smoke - The title of this post is a quote from the first Max Payne videogame. Apologies for the confusion!
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What have we here?... 
Friday, July 4, 2008, 09:59 PM
A little taste of things to come.

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Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer & Director.

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A new beginning... 
Thursday, June 12, 2008, 08:33 PM
Since Luke's "Fuck FOX" post, there have been a few changes around here. You might have noticed that the poster no longer reads "Max Payne", nor the banner at the top of the blog, and Nigel Billing, although still the lead character, is no longer down as "Max Payne" on the cast list.

So what does all of this mean? It must seem like everything we've worked so hard to uphold over the years is now crumbling down around our feet... but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Since June 1st, we officially divorced ourselves from the Max Payne franchise. I.e., we are no longer a "Max Payne" production. This decision was made because ONE, I have no desire to get on the bad side of a multi-billion dollar corporation that will most likely have me assassinated if I go against them, and TWO, I don't quit... EVER. Plus, didn't I promise you guys a film at some point?

Which brings me to my next bit of news...

We are going to RE-MAKE Payne & Redemption. When I say "re-make", I don't mean re-edit what we have and put it out there, because we're not allowed to do that, and would most likely end up having our testicles removed and forcefully placed where the sun doesn't shine. I mean we're literally going to re-write and re-film Payne & Redemption, but BIGGER, BETTER and STRONGER than before... and perhaps most importantly, without infringing upon copyright.

Fortunately, Payne & Redemption is an *original* story - It always was... It even has an entire cast of original characters (bar Max Payne himself). So apart from not being able to call the lead character "Max Payne" anymore, not much else needs to be altered from my original concept, other than to make it BETTER, cooler, and worthy of all the shit this production has been through.

A few people have been asking what's going to happen with the trailers and publicity-stills, and yes, they *will* be making a comeback, but without reference to "Max Payne", and will serve as promotional material only, as their content will not feature in the film you finally get to see.

Anyway, guys... I think that's all for now. If anything else comes to mind, I'll be sure to update this post!

As always, stay frosty.

Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer, Director & Executive Producer.

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Give a dog a bone... 
Sunday, May 25, 2008, 11:13 PM
Keeping the peace is one thing, especially when you are a tiny island and a f*cking planet sized monster is threatening to eat you if you don't. But the problem is that throughout this whole saga 'keeping the peace' has left me somewhat red. Red with embarassment, anger and disappointment. I have had this niggling voice in the back of my mind telling me that we're not doing the right thing. This voice has been getting louder and louder, and the response of our fans has added a chorus, and the point has come. Enough is enough.

Enough pandering and peace keeping. I'm not fucking Bono. :mad

I feel gutted for the fans, the actors and the entire production team that Fox have decided to try to shut us down. Countless people have invested their time, energy and money into making this independent fan film what it is...or could be, and Fox are acting like yappy little dogs, insecure and ego-mad. Big dogs don't need to bark and bark - they know they are the big dog. They know what is a threat and what isn't. Like George Lucas, he is a big dog, and he is not threatened by fan films. But Fox is like a little Jack Russell - guarding its bone with primal rage, without applying any thought or consideration to the issue. You see, if Fox were George Lucas, they would realise that this fan film isn't a threat to their multi million dollar marky-mark extravaganza. How bad must their film be that they would consider a 20 minute short a threat?! If anything it serves to augment the Max Payne fan base, which in turn means that more people would want to go and see the Fox film. But now, by acting the way that they have, they are alienating a set of previously shoe-in fans, who will boycott the "official" production (although I don't know how it can call itself "official" - I mean, Ludacris as Jim Bravura?! That's just, well...). And I encourage it - boycott away, slag the Fox film off, because I certainly will be. No more pandering, no more peace keeping. I wipe the brown off my nose and say FUCK FOX!

Yours, bringing the payne,
Luke "Jeff Garlin" Morgan-Rowe.

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P.S. Stick with us, we'll be coming back with something harder, better, stronger and faster - announcement to follow shortly...
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A fan's dismay... 
Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 02:38 AM
A little video was brought to my attention today (well, yesterday, if you're in the UK), and after watching it, I just had to post it.

Sure, we've received thousands of e-mails from dismayed fans across the globe since April 22nd, but when you actually HEAR someone talk about their feelings in regards to this matter, it hits another nerve entirely...

Anyone else want to make yourself heard? If so, we'll post it here.

By the way, I've removed the ability to post comments on the blog for now (my own decision - nothing to do with Fox), so all further discussions and comments must be posted on the official "Payne & Redemption" forum, which you'll need to join in order to do so.

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It ain't over 'til it's over,

Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer & Director.

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