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Wednesday, September 20, 2006, 03:41 AM
For those whose French is a little rusty, here is the English version of the interview I recently did with

JeuxVideoPC: I've seen your movie is scheduled for release this summer - Will you meet the planned release date?
Fergle Gibson: We're now filming in October, so any summer release date we had originally planned has now taken a swan dive out of a 50 story building and made pizza Napoletana with the street below. Mais c’est la vie. We're now hoping for a December release.

JeuxVideoPC: Will this movie be only available on the web, or can we hope for a cinematic release?
Fergle Gibson: Due to the whole copyright thing, and not really wanting to wake up one morning with a court subpoena stapled to my door (do they even do that?), we won't be releasing the film publicly in cinemas. However, we WILL be screening it at London's famous and luxurious "Electric Cinema" in Notting Hill by invitation only.

… But for all you normal folk (just kidding), the film will be available to download online, free of charge, in various formats and resolutions.

JeuxVideoPC: What is the main idea behind the story of Max Payne: Payne & Redemption?
Fergle Gibson: The main idea behind Payne & Redemption is to explore the dark depths of Max Payne's psyche, his character, what makes him who he is. I love weird and disturbing character-driven films like "American Psycho", "Se7en" and "One Hour Photo", where a great deal of the time is spent thoroughly fleshing out the characters and allowing the audience to really get inside the heads of the people they're watching. I feel it just makes everything all the more creepy and absorbing to watch.

JeuxVideoPC: How did you obtain the license to "Max Payne"? Do you have a story to tell us about that?
Fergle Gibson: Remedy Entertainment know about the film’s production and haven’t raised any objections. We even have Sam Lake's *personal* endorsement, but we don’t own the license to make a Max Payne film. If we did, my chequebook could probably take a well earned vacation.

JeuxVideoPC: Do you know anything about the creators of the graphic novel scenes in the games, and something about the material that inspired them?
Fergle Gibson: Absolutely. In fact, I've had regular correspondence with a few of the guys at Remedy (who have been an amazing source of information, and only too happy to help out), but I wouldn't feel comfortable with answering for them.

JeuxVideoPC: How do you think the majority of the public will react to Payne & Redemption?
Fergle Gibson: As with everything in life, you'll always have three groups of people: the ones who love what you've done and can't wait to see more, the ones who are totally impartial, and the ones who want to hammer you to a crucifix with long rusty nails the first instance they lay eyes on your work… I’m hoping to attract the first group of people.

JeuxVideoPC: Because of the particular style of the games, do you feel you don't have as much freedom as you would with an original project?
Fergle Gibson: Not at all. I think the games allow us a lot of freedom and flexibility. I mean, you've got the graphic novel aspect, the black & white Sin City style aspect, and the 3D gaming aspect, all of which you can do a lot with, including many things that haven't yet been explored.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer & Director.

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Where's Nigel? (Music video)... 
Friday, September 15, 2006, 11:10 PM
A million Pounds Sterling to the first person who can spot Nigel Billing (A.K.A. Max Payne) in the music video below...

(OK, I'm lying - You get nothing.)

Here's a clue... He's not the guy playing the piano.

You may recognise the music playing on this video from one of the tracks on our audio player... which you'll want to pause, by the way, before you watch the video.

God, we're such a tease, aren't we?


Keep rockin',

Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer & Director.

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Cast & crew mini-bios... 
Tuesday, September 12, 2006, 03:56 PM
I don't know if anyone's noticed yet, but on the right hand side of the blog (if you scroll down a little), we have mini-bios of all cast and some of the crew. If you like reading, looking at a few pictures and want to know more about the people making this most excellent production, it's a totally tubular way of killing a few minutes!


Stay gnarly,

Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer & Director.

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New poster!... 
Friday, September 8, 2006, 09:47 PM
The official one-sheet poster for Max Payne: Payne & Redemption has finally been released!

You can also view it on the main page here.

Be cool,

Fergle "Larry David" Gibson,
Writer & Director.

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The Saga Continues..... 
Monday, September 4, 2006, 11:26 PM
Hi everybody!...
...Hi Dr Luke!

Aha welcome my petits enfants horribles, to yet another episode in the Wikipedia saga :-| For those of you not familiar with this fued, review these posts and comments at your leisure.....Post 1, Post 2.

To avoid another waffle, and hence a "oh god, this is one of your essays when you could actually say the same thing in only three lines" moan from Joe (the writer/director), I will cut to the chase...we're back on Wikipedia!! For how long, I don't know, but if another 'vote for deletion' appears, I'm counting on you, my little schlampers.

Well, he's not really called Joe - he's Fergle. Joe's just his nickname (he actually looks like that as well :-P)

Well on that note, I will bid you a plumtastic good morning fans, good morning Luke...and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

Yours beholding Satan as he fell from Heaven LIKE LIGHTNING!,
Luke "Jeff Garlin" Morgan-Rowe
Producer what genetically is the same as John Goodman, Roseanne & Jack fucking Black.

P.S. On a serious note, seriously RIP Steve Irwin - there won't be any crocs in this film, but there should be!!

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