Fergle Gibson 
Fergle Gibson / Writer & Director

Born in Surrey, Fergle attended The Hawthorns School in Bletchingley up to the age of 10. He completed his secondary education at a school in Oxted, and continued at college to gain qualifications in Special Makeup Effects.

Fergle decided at the age of four that he wanted to pursue a career in film. Never interested in academia, Fergle has always been doggedly creative, which reflected in his first career move as a special effects makeup artist, after having watched The Terminator at an early age. He worked on numerous independent films in this capacity, and indeed it was on one such production in early 2005 when Fergle decided to switch gear and start directing. This film, Max Payne: Payne & Redemption, is his first piece as director, although not his first script. For the past 14 years, Fergle has amassed over 100 scripts & stories, which devastatingly were lost when his PC hard drive was damaged in late 2005 - that is to say all but one, the script for this film, which was stored on his laptop. Thus this production was dubbed "The Sonar Project".

Outside of the film world, Fergle is an avid weapons collector & enthusiast, and as well as enjoying weight training, he appreciates fine foods and studies many foreign cultures & languages including Japanese, Spanish and German.

Fergle's future is bright. He has his sights set on becoming an established & successful writer/director with a robust reputation. He is notorious for his pursuit of perfection, often at the cost of his family & friends' sanity, but a quality which, combined with his unquenchable imagination and literary savvy, serves to ensure that all of his work is distinguished, laudable and above all engaging & entertaining.