Dewi Morgan 
Dewi Morgan / Associate Producer

Dewi was born in Wales in 1974, and spent his youth in Greece. Returning to his motherland, he attended school in Dyfed, where he attained A-levels in Physics and Electronics. He went on to study Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering at the University of Bradford and currently runs his own company designing and facilitating web sites.

Dewi has always enjoyed an eclectic taste in films, and has a critical eye that is second to none. His ability to spot errors and continuity mistakes makes him a 'must have' on a film set. Allied with his ability to solve all kind of practical problems, which he inherited from his mad inventor father, Dewi fills his role of Associate Producer with aplomb, and truly is an invaluable member of the crew.

Dewi hopes in the future to become very rich, by whatever means necessary, and in his limited free time enjoys swimming, clay pigeon shooting, jalopy racing and eating noodles. He speaks fluent Welsh and Greek and is learning Japanese as well as being an expert in his grandmother's critically acclaimed "Aquatic Ape" theory of evolution.